She cussed out police and begged for Texas State Troopers to just leave them alone, but that’s not how the law works.

Update 5/1/2020- Oh no baby, what is you doin?

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Update 4/30/2020- Marissa’s charges are listed in this updated from KRIS 6 News.

Corpus Christi Teen Marissa Alexah Cooper, a supposed Cocktail waitress at Cheetas Mens Club, and two other teens, went on Facebook Live after police lit them up for speeding on I-37. Instead of stopping and pulling over, with thousands of people watching their broadcast, the three teens led police on a 20-mile chase that probably hit triple-digit speeds before they were immobilized by spike strip.

Here are the viral videos below.

According to KIIITV of South Texas, the chase started out near Edroy, TX and ended near Up River Road in greater Corpus Christi.

The first video starts out shortly after police catch them for speeding. Based on the dashboard and side mirror, they are driving a late model Chevrolet Impala.Throughout the entire chase, Marissa films herself and the driver weaving in and out of traffic, State Troopers in Chevrolet Tahoes and Ford F-series trucks, following close behind.

Marissa claims that, “These laws (police) been chasing us since San Antonio. We’re not even in their county line no more.”

What she cannot realize is that these are State Troopers have jurisdiction throughout the entire State of Texas.

Marissa then divulges why they started speeding.

“I ain’t got no warrant, but my brother and her home girl are on the run… I was just trying to help Nate (Nathaniel) out, get out of Corpus, my bad.”

“I can’t go to jail, I’m going to get harboring of a fugitive times two.”

Halfway through the first video, one state trooper allegedly tries a pit maneuver on their Impala.

“…they tried to get on our ***, they tried to wreck into us. What kind of trash is that?”

They catch up to one State Trooper who attempts to stop them, weaving back and forth in front of their Impala before they eventually blow past him.

Marissa shouts, “Let’s give them **** a run for their money if they want to keep on playing. Let’s f****** run it.”

They all exit on Navigation Blvd close to where police laid out a spike strip. You can hear the other lady passenger say how, “They ******* popped my tire. I literally have zero air pressure (in them.)

With tires out of air, their Impala spins out of control and crashes. We can hear police making their arrests, Marissa yelling into the car and into her phone that, “I’m sorry Momma.”

My .02

With little to no traffic thanks to a “Shelter in place order,” it was all too easy to put the pedal to the metal and attempt to speed away from the police. It’s a common misconception that you can just “run from police” and get away, but most times, with multiple responding officers and an air unit if needed, your chances of getting caught are almost guaranteed.

It was foolish for them to run. Not only did they endanger their lives, but other Texan commuters around them.

Texas State Troopers probably had their cameras rolling, but for sure this video evidence will be included when the judge sees their cases.

Then there’s the need for young people to record and stream everything. Marissa claims she starts filming to protect herself against police abuse, but on some level, I think she saw this as an opportunity for major internet clout.

Since her videos have gone up they’ve been shared over 30,000 times with 500,000 views and counting.

What do you think? Do you think Marissa started filming for a drop of internet clout? If they evaded arrest, how would this video help her case? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I think s*****ity is very contagious right now…she did it for attention…that …proud moment of hers… for being an idiot. People could have been hurt or killed!!

    • Whoever told these children it was cool to talk like that… Listening to how hard these brainless think…

  2. She need to be in jaaaiiiilllll! Lol That’s TEXAS STATE POLICE! But she said we already crossed the county liiiinnne! Hence STATE! You m***n!

    • Even when it’s a county unit, they can be authorized to pursue into another county because the initial stop attempt was within their jurisdiction. So even if it wasn’t state, yes she is d*** as h***.

  3. Teenage means now days. 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Teenager saying why that ain’t right we should be able to do what we want. Remember the laws say we can’t punish our children no spanking no punishment. Or you will go to jail and CPS will take your children away. The Law is what makes your children what they are now. For them there is no God.

  4. I think she was using this video as cloud to Spike her popularity. If she was not on the run she would’ve had them pulled over. Or even tell them that she wanted out of the vehicle instead of adding things on and talking trash.

    I think she was using this video as clout to Spike her popularity. If she was not on the run she would’ve had them pulled over. Or even tell them that she wanted out of the vehicle instead of egging things on and talking trash.

  5. I think Marissa is an uneducated young lady with a foul and disrespectful mouth with zero regard for the law. Not to mention zero respect or regard for anything else besides herself….clearly I’m a 46 year old mother of 2 raised in the 80’s. Enough said.

  6. The lil ***** thought she was g***sta lol. They all did & just by the way she was talking she was definitely recording for clout lol. All bad.

  7. Its funny how these kids think they can get away with crimes , it’s funny how the girl that was recording acted all tough but when the police stopped the young people the girl got all scared and said DON’T ***** ME , she knew exactly what she was getting herself into , she was just trying to play it off so she doesn’t get charged…. she should just own up to her mistake and take care of her business like a civilized human being, you do the crime you do the time …. these teens and this adult should already know better….

  8. So we go from yelling ****** and **** and saying blow the lights and run, to I’m sorry. Give that ***** 30 yrs.

  9. I think she is a complete i**** she filmed it to try and be a big shot on the internet and as for the driver he is a i****

  10. This video will hurt her case, instead of helping it! She messed herself over! That tape makes it all worse

  11. Respect for authority is something lost with this generation. These kids need to act as civilized human beings instead of animals with no sense of right and wrong. Teaching them starts at home but society plays a big part in how kids develop. It is time to revisit some of the old ways and values. When I was growing up I would never have done anything did because I knew the wrath of my mother. This girl wanted to show off, how cool is she now??

  12. I think you need to do something about your foul language filter. it is b******g words that are normal words. Like our computers used to do 15 years ago

  13. They are lucky they didn’t hurt someone else, while they thought it was all a joke. They obviously didn’t have any respect for Law Enforcement & other drivers that day, driving in and out of traffic at speeds like that. Too many times we tend to be to lenient on these young kids and they never learn their lesson. As much as the videos have been shared she probably thinks she has already gotten away with it..

  14. I think this person is seeking attention in a negative way. She has no regard for the law or for other people and I hope they prosecute her to the fullest. The driver and these young adults are lucky that no one was injured in this show of stupidity! But the one thing that just really gets me, more than anything is the use of the * *ord. She uses it like if it was the *ord: and , if , is or what. I just hate that word
    And find it extremely offensive to EVERY American and EVERY race!

    • I think she’s young did it in her benefit in every immature way, she also ****** herself bc she filmed all that and now all her intentions which were wrong are all on record. If they thought they were going to get away and run to the tone.
      They thought it was a joke until they got caught crying and begging cops to chill out to shoot all that talk I it ridiculous it could’ve been worse and now look at the charges your facing for a lil bit of fame or trying to help someone out you got into the most trouble.

  15. Be sure driver and all passengers get every ticket possible. Kids are always let off with a **** slap on the back. And be sure it goes on her driving/criminal record too also how’s the “clout” now Marissa? ??

    • Oh wait.. this TEENAGER is supposed to be a DANCER at a bar.. She’s important! (Snort!) I agree with you completely.. Not sure who is now minus a vehicle, but, you know she couldn’t care less…! As for that sneer on her face?

  16. I think she was truly scared for her safety but then rolled with it after seeing the responses on her stream. I also believe if she was driving she would’ve pulled over when the DPS lit her up. Her Facebook profile was set to public, she was posting non stop while in San Antonio, and one trooper said “We’ve been looking for you Cooper!” She included the number “12” in the title of her steam indicating 12 DPS patrol cars chasing them. If the chase started some where before the Odem exit on Hwy 281, several miles from any DPS station, where did they all come from that quickly? When they were getting arrested why did one trooper say “We’ve been looking for you Cooper!” Why did one trooper shout out to another trooper “There’s probably guns in the car!” They knew excatly who was in that car, and had been tracking them the whole time waiting for a opportunity to catch them. It was coming and she knew it.

  17. They a trip FR. It’s the law common since to stop weather you did or didn’t do something wrong in public area. SMH. Mama I sorry was awesome though. ??? Her mama probably shook her head

  18. This is the way that typical behave. They act all bad, but in front of the po po, they’re sorry…because they got caught.


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