How do you reverse out on one side of the building and hit cars on the exact opposite side? These Florida seniors did just that.

Unusual and seemingly impossible crash photos from Florida (because of course) went viral earlier today (May 4, 2020) showing a Cadillac XTS driven by two elderly women crashed, perched on top of a Dodge Journey and a Volkswagen Jetta in front of a SunTrust Bank in Citrus County, Florida. According to WRIC 8, these two senior citizens reversed out of a SunTrust bank drive through and made a perfect arc, still in reverse, over an intersection and back around, hitting parked cars on the exact opposite side of the building.

Here are photos making their rounds including a dashcam video from a witness showing the almost impossible route this Cadillac took.

Cadillac takes a Wrong turn from David Bramblett on Vimeo.

For a good 10 minutes I stared at a Google Maps image of the bank and intersection, trying to figure out this quote from police.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, a man backed out of a SunTrust drive-thru over a curb on County Road 486. He continued to reverse until he hopped the curb back into the Suntrust parking lot on North Forest Ridge Boulevard, and then reversed onto two stationary vehicles in the parking lot.

Before I saw the video, I thought there was a drive-thru bank on the other side of the street. Reversing over a sidewalk and center divide makes a lot more sense.

Here’s a screenshot of the bank and the path this Cadillac took.

Thankfully, police did not report any injuries and the only damage, besides those two wrecked cars, was a bit of property damage to the city sidewalks, center divider, and the egos of those two women.

Commenters online are chalking this up as an example of why elderly people shouldn’t drive, and while age is probably the largest factor here, I think drivers, in general, are a bit rusty right about now.

Our driving muscles and reflexes are a lot weaker than they were a couple of weeks ago.

Driving is a skill and, without practice, everyone should take it easy these first couple of days on the road.

I’m sure insurance will have a field day doling out checks and scraping those other two wrecked cars.


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