He called the nagging neighbors Karen 1, Karen 2, and Karen’s Husband! LOL!

Youtube channel, “Cars Across Texas” uploaded the hilarious encounter the channel’s organizer and the rest of his racecar friends had with a handful of neighbors from hell in Spring, Texas. A Birthday car parade for one of the channel’s friend’s 10-year-old-boy went awry when one or two neighbors stood in front of their parade, stopping any cars from moving. Only when police showed up did they learn the error of their ways.

Here’s their video below. You can skip to 10:50 for the faceoff between car enthusiasts trying to do something good and the Karens. If you don’t know what a Karen is, click here.

Supposedly a friend of the family of the boy having a birthday organized a local Facebook event asking any local car groups to come out for this kid’s birthday. Since most of Texas is under an amended “Stay at home” and “Stay Safe” order, large gatherings of people like birthday parties are still not allowed.

A car parade where people stay six-feet from each other? Sure.

The first 10 minutes of the video are the organizer, dozens of his car friends, and all their sick rides meeting to gas up and to rendezvous with a larger car group.

Most of the car parade drives by the kid’s house but, driving by their house once really isn’t enough so they circle back around to drive by again.

While literally 99.9 percent of the Spring, Texas neighbors seeing all these cars driving by, revving their engines for some birthday boy, are loving it, there are a handful of Karens ready to ruin it for everyone else.

According to the video they’re upset about the onset of loud noise and accuse cars in the parade for breaking the speed limit. They think it can turn unsafe for kids.

Revving does not increase speed since engine and transmission are uncoupled.

It gets so heated that one of the Karen’s husbands calls police to dole out some “justice.” Before police arrive, several cars book it just in case the situation gets out of control and police start nit-picking at the car parade participants for unrelated infractions.

They soon find out that police aren’t mad at these car parade participants at all but are upset that these Karens, their husbands, and their supporters where blocking the free flow of traffic. Allegedly, at least two get arrested.

Towards the end of the video we catch a bit of gossip among the neighbors talking about how now everyone knows who those Karens are and how they’ve suddenly made many enemies for causing unnecessary drama.

I can see how some neighbors would be upset with loud cars driving by but these are extraordinary times and people should be understanding. It’s not like these car guys are blasting up and down the streets, racing, at ungodly speeds. They’re just driving by a house, throwing a couple of revs, and maybe circling back around once or twice.

These Karens should’ve asked if their complaints are serving the common good and if their concerns are unwarranted.

Thank God police were there to set everything straight.


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