When your parents drove you through a tunnel the first time, you probably looked like this.

Since we have cameras on us at all times, parents capture many firsts for their own kids. Redditor Zinth897 shared the hilarious and totes presh moment his offspring experienced the joy and wonderment of riding through a tunnel for the first time and it’s a lot like you’d expect an infantile brain to react to all the lights and colors whizzing by his baby eyes.

Check out his video below.

My child reacting to going through a tunnel for the first time from r/funny

For any Redditors in the Seattle Washington area, you’ll recognize this series of tunnels and one Redditor ID’d it quite accurately.

If you’re on I-90, headed west, this is the entrance to one tunnel on Mercer Island. Here’s what it looks like on Google Maps.

Snuggled safely in his car seat, bolstered on all sides, in a familiar place, and with the sound and sight of his parent’s within arms reach, this baby feels safe, happy, and content, the ideal environment for his baby brain to soak in a new experience.

Then, suddenly, his eyes see the temperature of the lights change from natural daylight to the orange glow of sodium-vapor lamps. With bright globes of orange flashing before his eyes, he’s a little scared, at first, but his mind quickly switches from fear to wonderment. The little dude’s enjoying it.

Most people get slightly giddy traveling through a tunnel, it’s other-wordly, slightly mysterious, and, the highlight of any drive. We’ve even come up with games, holding our breath throughout the entire length for whatever reason. They’re engineering marvels that we get to experience firsthand.

So, imagine how this little dude’s neurons were firing, going through a tunnel for the first time. It must’ve been a trip.

Several commenters recommended taking his kid through a carwash. For some kids that’s a whole other level, a sensory overload. I have a feeling this kid’ll handle a wash just fine.

Do you still get excited with a sense of wonderment going through tunnels? Let me know in the comments below.


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