I guess this company driver was looking forward to a brand new semi truck, didn’t get it, justifiably so, and took his rage out on the co. owner’s Ferrari.

Update: 5/8/2020- Our friends at CarScoops got the official details!

Truck vs Ferrari

We were told that the truck driver was hired by the hauling company just four days prior to the incident, during which time, “he only did one load”, as he was not deemed fit (or stable) for the job.

He added that the company allegedly decided to part ways with the driver in a civilized manner with “no arguments or heated words” with “all this happening in front of witnesses” after fully compensating him. While he “repeatedly asked to stay and work”, the owner’s mind was made up to terminate their cooperation. Before he left the trucking company’s premises, our source says that he “asked the owner if that [Ferrari GT4Lusso] is his car”. The owner said that it is indeed, to which the trucker replied “now you’ll see what happens when you f*** with me”.

“He started running towards a truck, jumped in and started spinning wheels like a crazy person. Owner ran after him, tried to stop him and he shut the door on his hand, almost causing him to fall under the truck,” our source tells us. “Then he slammed into a car once, stopped and then continued until he was on top of it with the truck”.

At that point, the owner of the damaged Ferrari and transportation company called the police, with Chicago PD officers arresting the man and filing charges.

This trucking company owner will think twice before driving his pride and joy to work after what happened earlier this week, no thanks to a hot-headed employee. According to an alleged Sure Haul Inc. trucking employee, Cordova Berto, in reply to a viral photo making the rounds, a disgruntled employee was promised a shiny new Semi truck to make his delivieries IF he hit his numbers. But, after failing to make the mark, the boss unfortunately stiffed him with his regular ride. I guess he was looking forward to a cush new seat, some extra power, and, an easier drive and flipped his lid when his boss broke the bad news.

Here’s a screenshot of Cordova’s quote below.

Also, this photo went viral on Twitter with a friend of the trucking company’s Boss adding to the story. This friend claims this employee wasn’t looking forward to a mandatory drug test, too. Here’s that tweet.

Another commenter mentioned that this happened at Sure Haul Inc. trucking somewhere in Illinois. This commenter did not refute Cordova’s claim, further adding to the validity of the story.

A quick Google maps search brought up this address in Westchester, Illinois. Lo-and-behold, if you zoom in you can see the place where this Ferrari was parked underneath the wheels of a semi-truck.

I’ve phoned the number attached to this address but, as of this writing, no one is answering. I’ll try again later tomorrow and update ya’ll of any developments.

If the circumstances of this story are true and this was not an accident, although this truck driver got the cold revenge he wanted at that moment, he’s dug himself into a deep hole of legal trouble.

Not only will he be fired but, if found guilty, he must repay whatever damage he caused to the company’s truck and the owner’s Ferrari. It’s been a couple of years since the GTC4Lusso came out but these cars still demand a pretty penny. According to Car Gurus, used ones are well past $200,000

Never make rash decisions in the heat of the moment. In this alleged case, he might pay for his actions for years to come.


  1. Go on hire some more foreign people with absolutely no experience. I literally my daily entertainment from watching these idiots all day long.

  2. The trucker is at fault. He didn’t meet the mark like he should have but even if he did meet the mark he had a job instead of being unemployed like the more than 88,300 drivers in April. He’s what we call a steering wheel Turner instead of a truck driver. I doubt he will be allowed to drive even an Uber after this.


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