You’d think a sporty coupe meant for performance driving would beat your Mom’s van but guess again.

It’s common knowledge Toyota 86s, Scion FR-Ss, and Subaru BRZs are painfully slow and their owners have a 3×5 index card with bullet points of how momentum car life is way better than raw power, but how slow are they? According to this vid making the rounds showing a Scion FR-S and Toyota Sienna going at it on the freeway, the FR-S is ridiculously slow, losing out to the mommy mobile from a 30 roll with the Sienna overpowering and out-shifting the FR-S right from the get go. The FR-S never had a chance!

Check out the embarrassing video for yourself below.

The original poster took down the video on their Instagram but, like all things digital, the footage lives on elsewhere. Supposedly this roll race goes down somewhere in Puerto Rico.

You can see the Sienna driver is probably some Dad, pushed into the van life thanks to a family, who has his wife riding shotgun. He doesn’t seem all that fired up to race the straight-piped FR-S pestering him in the other lane. Then, the FR-S gives three honks, the universal sign to “gun it” and both have at it, burying their pedals, telling their ECUs it’s full power, no economy.

If it wasn’t bad enough for the FR-S, it’s an automatic, the driving flipping and flapping through the gears.

The tail of the tape spells it out.

The Sienna probably packs Toyota’s tried-and-true 3.5L V6 with close to 300 HP and around 270 lb-ft but the van weighs over 4,300 pounds.

Contrast that to the lighter FR-S, with just 200 HP and 205 lb-ft but significantly lighter by 1,500 pounds.

And with the Sienna having two more gears in its automatic and significantly more power, the van easily takes the FR-S to Gapplebees.

Without a passenger and with a proper six-speed where that FR-S could really wind it out, I bet the FR-S could take a Sienna. But slap on a slushbox and a 160 pound lump of a friend and my money’s on the Sienna.

The next time that friend gets a little too confident with his FR-S/86/BR-Z, have this video at the ready to dole out a slice of humble pie.


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