This is the unfortunate story of how one “racist-looking” tweet resulted in $100,000 worth of classic cars destroyed in one night.

Classic car aficionados in Lynchburg, VA are pouring one out for Adams Motor Company after they had their shop windows knocked out by rocks and had over $100,000 worth of damage inflicted on several iconic muscle cars. While this seems like a senseless act of rioting, WSLS reports earlier today (June 2, 2020) it was in response to a controversial tweet sent out by the owner of Fifth and Federal, a restaurant right next to Adams Motor Company. When the rioters came to carry out their revenge on Fifth and Federal, AMC was unfortunate collateral damage.

I’m surprised Fifth and Federal still has their tweet up. I guess they’re keeping it up in the spirit of transparency. The tweet from Fifth and Federal isn’t exactly racist, but it’s not the right move.

There are over 130 replies to that tweet, many unsavory. Here are the best ones.

Once word got out who sent out the tweet and an exact location identified, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable protestors, however peaceful, directed their energy at their restaurant storefront.

The WSLS article reports that a peaceful protest camped out in front of Fifth and Federal and ended around 6:45 P.M. but unfortunately, several protestors had other ideas and returned, hurling rocks at police and windows.

Several 5th and Federal employees remained at the restaurant, trying their best to defend their business, but all was for naught. Here’s amateur video footage captured from last night’s protest and rock slinging.

They not only hit the restaurant, they hit Adams Motor Company next door. Here’s the location on Google Maps, when I say they’re next door, they’re, no idiom intended, a stone’s throw away.

Here’s a gallery of photos shared via Classic American Muscle Cars showing the extent of the damage. You can find that thread here. (I’d embed the original but word filters really go after swear words, even low level ones like d***.)

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And here’s a news report interviewing the owner, his thoughts on the incident, and how he’s moving forward.

In these tumultuous times it really pays to read the room. To tweet out something super sketch from the official restaurant account is a bonehead move.

This restaurant owner learned his words and actions have consequences that literally spill over into his employees lives and to shops next door. I’m sure he’ll get some gen-z’er to take over all his social media, making sure these social media mishaps never happen again.


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