Oakland was literally burning in the background, with looters abound, but Benihibachi braved it out, serving hungry protestors.

SF Chronicle reporter Megan Cassidy captured an iconic photo and shared it on Twitter earlier this weekend showing several hungry Oakland protestors waiting patiently for their orders at a popular teppanyaki food truck owned and operated by Benihibachi. Check out the legendary photo making the rounds on Twitter below.

Parked close to its usual location off of Broadway Street, this food truck is one of the few still open during these uncertain times, mainly because Oakland does not have a curfew in effect.

According to Benihibiachi’s website and their Instagram stories, their Oakland location is the only food truck open, the other four locations closed during certain hours thanks to mandatory curfews.

Several comment replies hit the nail on the head. Here are some of my favorites.

Oakland has been hit hard this past couple of days, looters and unruly rioters taking out their anger on businesses, car dealerships, private and public property, and etc.

Despite all the hardship, people still have to eat and thankfully there are food trucks like Benihibachi out there serving up hot food when you need it the most.

Hopefully, they are rewarded with lots of businesses thanks to the love and support from the greater Oakland community.

If you’re in the Oakland area late at night right now and need a place to fuel up, you know where to go.



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