This Dodge dealership will seriously reconsider its key fob policy after a disastrous night thanks to lawless looters.

Update 6/2/2020- Initial witnesses claimed that there were Demons stolen. That’s been confirmed not true. Dodge has not sold a Demon since 2018.

San Francisco CBS Local confirms about 50+ cars stolen.

“Right now we’re thinking 50 [vehicles] … Gone,” said Hidalgo. “We have trackers on them so we’re seeing which ones are out there. They’re running around everywhere.” Empty parking space on the lot each represented a stolen car. Thieves took nearly every high-end $100,000 Dodge Challenger Hellcats. One that was placed in the driveway to block cars was rammed out of the way. Another one on the showroom floor was driven right out the front window.

Here are two Instagram story photos from an initial witness with “updates” on a few of the stolen Hellcats.

The Bay Area town of San Leandro, sandwiched between Hayward and Oakland, was not immune to looters earlier yesterday (May 31, 2020.) Video evidence that went viral on Twitter shows this San Leandro Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM SRT dealership full of activity after hours as looters made their way onto the closed Dodge dealership unlocking and driving off with several cars.

Since this particular Dodge dealership was so close to the freeway, making a speedy getaway that much easier, it was a prime target for looters looking for opportunities to steal and vandalize.

NBC Bay Area caught the mayhem on camera from above, showing the damage looters wreaked. You can see several windows on the showroom floor are knocked out making it easier for looters to locate keys and keyfobs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an inside job.

The video shows a witness shooting from the sidewalk close enough to talk and engage with the thieves. The unmistakable bright red color of a Dodge Demon and several Dodge Hellcats lined up all wait their turn as they try to drive away.

Other videos on Instagram show looters driving away. One of them clearly has no plans to strip or steal his stolen Hellcat and, is instead, out for a joyride.

Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcats are a dime a dozen, but start around $71,000 and can balloon to six figures after you add options and financing with less than stellar credit.

Here’s that Dodge dealership on Google Maps.

San Leandro initially did not place a curfew in their city but, after reports of looting reaching their jurisdiction, an immediate curfew was put into place.

It’s awful when looters muddy the message of honest-to-goodness protestors by going out and taking advantage of a situation.

Hopefully, this dealership has HD cameras and these grand theft auto miscreants weren’t so smart with their face coverings.

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