Looters stole more than $280,000 worth of cars in a matter of minutes.

Update 6/2/2020 – Initially I reported the G-Wagon and AMG-GT were being stolen by looters. That is incorrect. I’ve learned from a sales associate firsthand that these cars were being drive off the showroom by Mercedes of BH management and employees. They only suffered broken windows and some property damage.

Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills did not have any cars stolen.

MB of BH was kind enough to provide me with photos of the damage.

Large, story-tall windows, literal brick face, millions of dollars worth of cars, and a symbol of luxury, this Beverly Hills Mercedes dealership was an all too easy target for looters in the middle of the afternoon as rioters descended upon one of the richest neighborhoods in America. According to several videos and photos streaming in on social media from protests earlier today (May. 31,2020) Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills was hit in a huge way, windows destroyed, and offices ransacked.

Check out several social media posts below showing just how brazen these rioters are.

Here’s that Mercedes dealership on Google Maps.

The most popular videos are captures of Instagram stories videos. We can see several people walking by this large Beverly Hills Mercedes dealership off of Beverley Blvd. A handful of people witnessing the atrocity whip out of their phones, filming, perhaps as evidence, people inside breaking, entering, and ultimately committing Grand Theft Auto.

Management and sales associates at Mercedes of Beverly Hills arrived just in time to drive off a handful of their most valuable cars off the showroom floor. This is what initial witnesses perceived as looters committing grand theft auto but such was not the case.

Beverly Hills Mercedes was not the only Southern California dealership hit that day. There are a few tweets on Twitter saying Audi of Santa Monica also got hit. It’s safe to say that other car dealerships in their vicinity suffered a similar fate.

Car dealerships, especially luxury dealerships, are seen symbols contributing to the overall class divide between the haves and the have-nots. The justification for trashing and committing grand theft auto from these dealerships is that they can handle it and have large enough insurance policies.

Simply put, these looters cannot justify their actions and, car dealership break-ins like this, are not part of the larger protest. These are opportunists taking advantage of a terrible situation, the lowest of the low.

Hopefully, these car dealerships locate their stolen cars sooner rather than later before they are trashed or stripped. Looters may think they’re putting a dent in a larger socioeconomic problem but its members of their communities employed by these independent franchises.


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