It’s dangerous, stepping out into traffic to help a stranded motorist, but this motorcyclist risked life & limb to help a fellow bro.

An amazing bit of POV footage popped up on Tik-Tok earlier this week (June 6,2020) showing Korean Motorcyclist Subin Choi spotting and helping a stranded motorist on this busy Los Angeles Freeway. Eyeing an artificial island created by lanes of traffic splitting into two directions, Subin made the decisive decision to help this broken down Honda CR-V before someone most likely rear-ende him.

Check out the amazing bit of footage from Subin’s helmet cam below.


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This Honda CR-V’s had a hard life, probably high-mileage and needs some serious TLC. Fender missing, body damage in the front, and its owner in a daze, paralyzed what to do next, while risky, help from a passing motorist done in a calculated and cautious manner did more good than harm.

Subin Choi jumps into action, assesses the situation, determines that the driver is in over his head in need of some help and rides up to a natural-artificial island made by a split in traffic.

The real puckering moment is when Subin spots a semi-truck barreling towards him but he smartly slows, keeping his person within the lanes of the island. Thankfully, other drivers are sort of aware of what’s going on, giving Subin space to walk across lanes of traffic to reach the CR-V.

Subin takes charge of the situation, directing the CR-V driver to the island where he parked his bike, a much better location than in the middle of the freeway.

Regular motorists should probably not do this.

I’m sure this is not the first time Subin’s helped a stranded motorist. Bikes are a lot more nimble than cars and are small enough where, if they need to, they can take action in ways cars can’t.

If you’re a regular motorist and not on a bike, insurance companies, police, and good ol’ common sense says that you should not risk your own life to help a stranded car in the middle of the highway by walking to it and pushing it out of the way. The best thing you can do is call 911.

If you yourself are stranded in the middle of the freeway and can’t move, call 911 if you can, turn on your flashers, and get to safety, away from your car ASAP.

Props to Subin

But in this situation with these conditions against better judgement it would be remiss not to throw some props Subin’s way. Thankfully, these Los Angeles Motorists on that day were smart enough not to make the situation a lot worse.

And why does it matter he’s Korean? Well, it’s my blog, and I’d like to point out other fellow Asians of excellence doing good in the world.

I raise a glass to you, Subin. Keep doing good in the world and giving motorcyclists a good name.


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