100 percent, if this dead set legend didn’t come in and place this Mazda RX-7 on some jack stands and blocks, the world would have one less FD.

The unspoken rule in the car community is you should never touch a stranger’s car but this Louisiana resident makes a solid case against that rule. According to Austin A. Owens in his post shared to Facebook earlier today, ahead of Tropical Storm Cristobal making landfall in Louisiana, he lifted and placed a stranger’s Mazda RX-7 FD onto concrete blocks high enough so when flood waters came, not an inch of the interior or the engine felt a drop of water. This dead set legend saved a stranger’s Mazda RX-7.

Check out a screenshot of his handiwork below including one of the three photos.

Hero saves stranger’s RX-7 from flooding

If you didn’t already know, Tropical Storm Cristobal made landfall around 5 P.M. earlier today. Moving slowly at 7 MPH and carrying 50 MPH winds, this Tropical Storm brought damaging gusts, torrential downpours and inevitable flooding in particularly low-lying areas with adequate drainage.

Austin does not mention where he lives but a quick glance at his profile and, how he reps those Tigers (Geaux Tigers!) and is from Baton Rouge, if I where a betting man, there’s a good chance this is somewhere in Louisiana.

Some in the comments jokingly mentioned this FD owner left his car out there on purpose, to collect insurance money for flooding and, while a hilarious suggestion, it’s logically asinine. Either way, Austin’s done the right thing, saving an FD or preventing insurance fraud.

Mazda stopped making RX-7s in 2002 so this unicorn of a Japanese sports car needs to be cherished and protected at all costs. To save one is earning yourself major car-ma points (see what I did there.)

I’m bookmarking that Facebook Page and will update ya’ll when the owner eventually returns to find his baby saved.

If there ever was a time for a monetary reward, Austin earned it.


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