Car meets on the Eastern Seaboard hit a little different

How does one drive a four-wheeler, by yourself, and manage to run over…yourself? According to footage from a Gastonia, North Carolina car meet that went down earlier this weekend (June 6, 2020) it’s a complicated maneuver only a few can pull off, but it’s 100 percent possible.

Check out his submission to X-Games (when it comes back) ATV stunts category below.

This is clearly part of the after-meet held on the other side of the parking lot, no affiliation with the much tamer parking lot gathering happening a hundred feet away. Shrouded by an Academy Sports Outdoor Sporting Goods store on one side and a natural embankment perpendicular, this patch of concrete served as a mini-pit of sorts, perfect for donuts, burnouts, and other sketchy car things.

Enter our hero with his ATV. He’s charging in WOT, throttle pegged. I’m not sure what he had planned, but he smacks a dude sending himself and the bystander flying in opposite directions. At this point the ATV is still moving. The four-wheeler circles back and runs over its rider!

But wait, there’s more.

As a finale, engine still running, the ATV drives itself into some nearby trees and presumably flips over, ending a ride gone wrong.

You can follow this ATVs path of destruction on Google Maps below. Do you think the ATV ran into the building?

A quick look on Youtube brings up a couple of other vids from that night, mainly your meat and potatoes burnouts and donuts.

It looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun out there, Gastonia.

As for that ATV, maybe take it easy next time and wear a helmet.


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