The first real challenger to Bring A Trailer is here, and it’s cheaper, easier to navigate, and caters to cars from rad-era to modern day.

Bring A Trailer has quietly been dominating the online car auction space since 2014 and has grown so large that a chunk of cars that submit an ad get rejected. Enter Doug DeMuro’s Cars And Bids which caters to a younger demographic, under-served by Bring A Trailer, that want to auction their 80s, 90s, and modern day cars but doesn’t want to get lost in the weeds of BAT and get rejected moments after clicking submit.

Check out a couple of social media posts announcing Cars And Bids, what it is, and what you can expect.

How much cheaper is Cars And Bids?

According to Cars and Bids the fees are as follows,

  • $49 no reserve listings and returning sellers
  • $89 Reserve Listings from first time sellers.
  • 4.5% buyers fee capped at $4,500
  • Free vehicle history report

Compare that to Bring A Trailer,

  • $99 listing fee
  • 5% buyers fee capped at $4,500

And there’s always eBay.

EBay Motors fees are a bit more complicated, but for first time sellers, using their quick listing tool, you can get an auction up for a lot cheaper than BAT or Cars and Bids.

  • $25 Basic Package Listing
  • eBay Motors does not charge a final vaue fee for cars and trucks.

How is Cars And Bids better than Bring A Trailer?

According to Doug’s video, the submission process is a streamlined one-pager compared to Bring A Trailer where you must source multiple documents before being considered.

Speed is also on your side on Cars and Bids. Doug says his team will respond “right away and work with you to schedule your auction at your most convenient time. We don’t take days to respond to let you know if it’s accepted and then a month to get your auction live.”

You’ve also got Doug DeMuro’s exposure. While Cars And Bids might be a relatively new site, with the backing of Youtube’s number one car content creator, people who want to buy and sell cars already know about the site. If you’re lucky, Doug will also feature one auctioned car a month, a real boost in traffic to your listing.

What’s to stop Bring A Trailer from lowering their fees?

Nothing. If BAT wants, they can lower their prices tomorrow, but they probably won’t.

While BAT can lower their prices for the time being, they will let Cars And Bids run their auction site, watching from the sidelines to see how it plays out.

Bring A Trailer is enjoying a record amount of traffic and, has built its reputation, catering to a certain cache. BAT has even gone further down that higher-end road by offering a “White Glove Service” for uber-expensive cars.


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