She wanted donuts and coffee and left with a tall-iced mocha to the head and one less sandal.

A shocking and sad video emerged earlier at the end of last month (May 30, 2020) showing a customer in a Toyota Rav-4 getting into a shouting and throwing match with at least two drive-through employees at a Dunkin Donuts in Amherst, MA. The confrontation at the pickup window got so heated the customer gets out of her car, throws one of her drinks to the ground, and throws her sandal at the offending employee.

Check out the confrontation taking the 413 by storm below.

A quick look on Google Maps shows this Dunkin Donuts is in the heart of Amherst, a town known more for its Little Ivy Liberal Arts College more than anything. A reposter on Reddit describes Amherst as a “Sleepy College Town,” so when these videos popped up, they spread like wildfire, unbecoming of the town’s dignified reputation.

In the first video we can see this lady’s passenger trying to defuse the situation. Supposedly the lady is upset because they made her drink wrong. She accuses one of the male employees of swearing at her, allegedly saying the “F” word at her under his breath. We can make out a female employee defending the male employee, calling her, “rude as heck.” Her passenger just wants her to get her food &drink and quietly leave.

This is where the situation kicks into overdrive.

After the female employee explains how a refund is out of the question, she demands her coffee after her passenger grabs the food out of the female employees hands.

The lady then demands the male employees name, opening the Rav-4s door, craning her neck through the window to get closer.

She grabs one of her coffees while screaming, “What’s his f****** name, ‘cus you’re getting reported” and slams the drink into the ground.

Fed up, the male employee tosses what looks like her receipt and maybe a condiment into her driver’s side window. She immediately tosses back what looks like a pink-colored piece of trash.

The male employee then winds up and chucks either her replacement drink she slammed into the ground or a second drink into her interior.

According to MA resident Alex Walsh in the comments,

My boy was the one who threw it, said it f***** domed her and spilled all over her car.

That only made the situation worse, she finally listens to her passenger and books it, but not before letting out a banshee-like scream in frustration.

Tallyn Shaw, also a Dunkin Donuts employee comments how,

Yo like I’ve had some s*** happen to me at my dunkin like nobody should ever go through this it just honestly shows that us essential workers in food service get treated like trash. And the fact is most don’t treat us like essential workers literally working in a pandemic to make sure people get food. I do get some people that are so appreciative tho.

Katie Helleher puts in her .02, a good comment honestly,

Woah to start off there is NOOOOO excuse for how she acted, but I’m thinking It could be from un-medicated mental illness. Also, with that said that though that DOESN’T excuse her actions at all. She needs to make her own coffee at home if she can’t conduct herself in public. And if it’s not a mental illness, then she’s just a disrespectful person, everyone is stressed and you have no right to take it out like that on others. No one should treat essential workers/ food service workers/ human beings like that ever. To get that mad over coffee is not normal. I hope that guy with her takes away her keys and asks her to see someone professional to talk too because she needs it.

My .02

Something is wrong with this lady, she’s 100 percent in the wrong here, and I hope she’s permanently banned at all Dunkin Donuts within 10 miles of her home.

No sane person goes that nuts over a wrong order.

With all common sense and civility thrown out the window, it’d take a miracle of customer service to get her to calm down. It was uncalled for, how she treated those employees, I hope she took some time to reflect on her rancid behaviour, and, if she has mental health issues, I hope someone in her life steers her towards getting some serious psychiatric health.

If police catch wind of this confrontation, I hope they consider suspending her license or stripping that privilege from her completely. No one that unhinged, ready to flip out at a moment’s notice, should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. She certainly wasn’t in the right state of mind to drive away, then and there.

With that out of the way, you never want to stoop to a customer’s level of anger. I know laying into someone, screaming with all your lung power back at them, and throwing their food at their face with all your might seems like it might be satisfying, but taking the high road and watching the other person squirm under your unaffected gaze might be a more entertaining alternative.

The dude accused of swearing at her might’ve had a case to defend himself when he eventually has to answer to his manager. The woman was verbally abusive, not willing to listen to reason, and, criminally confrontational. But all that went out the window (literally) once he tossed her drink into her driver’s side window in retaliation.

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  1. Horribly written article. Your little section at the end with your two cents completely contradicted the style you wrote the article, and completely tried to drag the harassed employee through the dirt for not “killing her with kindness” when she’s literally screaming and leaning into his face?

    What is wrong with you???

  2. I think you might need to update your article, you state that she took her sandal off and threw it at them. Watch the video, she stepped out of the car to yell at them and when she did her sandal fell off. She never threw her sandal. Still not excusing how she acted, but still.

  3. You’ve clearly never worked in customer service before because that lady deserved more than a coffee to the face she’s lucky that’s all she got! That employee deserves a promotion and a raise she deserves to rot in a mental institution!

  4. The man at the window wasn’t yelling. It was actually her passenger. I will agree that the employee shouldn’t expect to keep his job because he got physical but I don’t think DD is the company to die on a cross for.. she deserved that coffee and more.


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