The locals knew this was a place notorious for flooding. This Mississippi man found that out the hard way.

Storm Cristobal made landfall two days ago and wreaked havoc across all states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana among the states hit the hardest. When the inevitable flooding happens, locals know where not to drive. According to WWLTV News, their on-site reported caught the unbelievable moment an out-of-towner drove around flood barricades and eventually got stuck, his Silverado flooded.

Check out their exclusive video report below including another angle from a Reddit thread from where I first saw it.

Idiot travels around barricades and proceeds to sink truck under flooded bridge from r/IdiotsInCars

At first glance, this underpass looks deceptively shallow. If you’ve ever driven in a full-size truck like this Picayune man’s Chevrolet Silverado, you’ll know how capable it suddenly makes you feel. Above regular traffic, with AWD, and with all the ground clearance, a flooded street doesn’t seem all that bad.

According to to WWL’s report, this Silverado owner allegedly saw someone else go through and, when he asked someone if he could make it, the stranger reassured him, “you could go through it.”

WWL is clear to point out that he drove around warning barricades and flood blockades to reach that point.

A quick look on Google Maps reveals why it gets so deep, the road follows the lay of the land and naturally dips several feet under the overpass. It’s a recipe for disaster if you’re not from the area.

Take a lesson from this Mississippi man, if you’re not in some lifted bro-mobile with gigantic 40 inch tires and some crazy lift with several seasons of mud-bogging under your belt and see flood barricades blocking your path, do not drive around them.

Sure, you might show up five minutes later than normal, finding a different route, but at least you’ll still have your car.

This Silverado owner will have to fetch his truck from a New Orleans tow yard, and, if it doesn’t crank over, have to deal with a massive repair bill.


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