Car owners of CHAZ, secure your belongings, take everything of value out of your car, and keep your key fob on your person.

A dystopian scene played out in real life earlier this week (June 13, 2020) in Seattle Washington, specifically the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (A.K.A.) CHAZ. A Volvo owner and CHAZ resident was caught on camera venting to no one in particular that his Volvo was vandalized, he no longer could start his car because of his stolen keys, and, even if he wanted to call for help, he had no means since someone also swiped his phone.

Check out the video clip that can only happen in 2020 below.


If you didn’t already know what CHAZ is, it’s a multi-block part of Seattle, Washington cordoned off from police that is part occupation protest and part self-declared autonomous zone. No law enforcement will enter the zoe, it is governed by the people and organizers inside that zone. Police will respond if they are called in for help.

In this video I presume this Volvo owner returns to his car after being jumped.

“I’m not in any show, I have rights! What the **** is this ****. I just had my keys broken, stolen, got jumped, had my phone stolen and these ***** let it all happen.”

“******* what the ****. Stay the **** away from me ***** everyone. The only police around this ***** if you’re means?”

Someone then has the audacity to tell him, “You’re alright man, you’re just having a bad day.”

He then responds with, “Really, get my keys back then!”

Compared to what this particular location looks like on Google Maps, without public services, CHAZ looks like a terror-striken war zone.

With automotive services non-existent in this area, he’ll either have to call in someone to tow his car out or he might have to wait it out, however long that takes.

People on Twitter are having a field day with that one girl taking two of his Cokes, mid-speech. Have they no empathy? Supposedly everything is free and fair game in CHAZ.

As mentioned, if you have a car in CHAZ, it’d behoove you to get it out of sight. And if you’re not going to be sleeping in your car 24/7, your valuables are probably not safe locked inside.


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