Rumor is he allegedly made a pass at this woman at a bar, and after rejecting his advances, he followed her to this gas station.

Update 6/17/2020 – NWA Online reports that, “Kerlin faces two felony counts of aggravated assault, one felony count of criminal mischief and one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana.

Disturbing and shocking videos emerged earlier yesterday (June 14,2020) of a man trying to run over a woman with his BMW 335i. According to witness Natoya Carter in a video shared on Facebook from a Little Rock, Arkansas gas station, she observed and filmed a BMW 335i driver repeatedly ramming his car into a newer model Chevrolet Equinox, destroying his car in the process. The disturbing part was he then followed a passenger from that Chevrolet and actively tried to run over her, circling a gas pump to better aim his car at her.

Check out the videos for yourself below.

We see the BMW 335i ram into the back of that Chevrolet Equinox three times. On the second time his hood folds up, and on the third ram he completely obliterates his front end.

This is where the situation turns dangerous.

The woman, trying to knock some sense into this disturbed individual, runs out of the way to avoid getting hit. This is when the BMW 335i driver steers towards her, driving between pumps just to run into her. Thankfully, it’s difficult to navigate around a small gas station, let alone try to hit someone.

We can hear Natoya shouting some words of wisdom to, “Girl, get in the d*** store, he can’t hit you when you’re in there.”

Another witness video from a Misti Brizendine, shows another angle. In this video we can see the BMW driver forcefully closing his door with the girl’s hand still clutching the window. This causes the window to shatter.

Here’s that gas station on Google Maps.

Since there is no official story from either the woman or the BMW driver, helpful commenters pieced together an alleged reason this BMW driver went nuts.

The prevailing rumor from someone in the know comes from Little Rock resident Lexie Sawyer who comments,

He’s not right. LADIES PLEASE BE CAREFUL. This woman didn’t even know him and rejected him at a bar. He proceeded to chase her car down the highway and tried to run her off the road. When she pulled over, this is what happened.” 

She ran into the gas station and he came back broke into the car and stole her phone. This is from the girl’s mouth and on video

A status update and comment from one Brittney Donaldson corrects and corroborates that story. I’m assuming Brittney was driving the victim home from the bar. Brittney comments how,

 “Yea, he thought it was her phone, but it was mine

A comment from a Lindsay M. Lovely alleges both the guy in the BMW and the girl he was trying to run over, at one point, knew each other for a couple of weeks

Apparently (he) was always crazy and allegedly the two dated for a few weeks.

Other commenters leaked a name on that video including a Facebook profile and an Instagram account and, sure enough, these accounts show a BMW that matches the one in the video.

Allegedly, this BMW driver is already in jail, although an inmate search in Little Rock did not bring up anyone by the supposed suspect’s name.

Whether he knew her for a few weeks or she was a complete stranger, a response, where you try to run someone down with your car, isn’t normal (to say the least.)

This is a developing story and I will update you all with official information as it becomes available.


    • They didn’t even contact me or my girlfriend. You and thv11 are disgusting gossipers. Y’all both need help. They literally. Published it as a hit piece and ignored everything my girlfriend at the time said to them when she reached out…. I have all the legal paperwork you piece of ***.

      • This guy says someone else needs help? Lol, this was the mother of all tantrums. Attacking anyone with a car is the ultimate cowardly act. Have fun with all your legal issues.

    • Nah I was attacked then by three different guys all much bigger than me. My girlfriend was protecting my.body after I lay on the ground..I used a 1.6 inch pocket blade to defend myself after the second assailant attacked me

      I just had some really ***** luck, but it’s all good. I still have it better than most people on this messed up planet.

      • You are a sociopath go see a shrink/psychologist for both you and others good, honestly please do, though judging by your post about hitting your neighbors car… your also a narcissist (the two disorders tend to hold hands). Get help buddy for your good, they are tough disorders to accept and treat but if you try it will do you good Leland.

  1. Heyy psy**o ? go get help you clown. I don’t mean trying to run a chick over i could care less about that. I mean with your horrible taste in car modifications. Thanks god you ****ed that thing up!


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