One protester stuck said, “We just want you to quit your job.”

If you’re trying to get into San Francisco from Oakland today (June 14,2020) you probably won’t be taking the Bay Bridge. According to several first-hand videos and traffic cams from the area it looks like hundreds, if not thousands of protesters marched their way from the Embarcadero onto the Bay Bridge, stopping traffic from entering San Francisco.

San Francisco Police were called out shortly after, forming a blockade between cars and protesters, preventing Black Lives Matter protesters from advancing any further.

After over two hours of no movement, SF Police brought out vans to arrest dozens of peaceful protesters allowing cars to creep on by entering the city.

Although a highly contentious situation where one wrong move from either side could’ve set off a powder-keg of activity, this protest was probably one of the most peaceful protests that stopped traffic in the nation.

As of this writing there are no reports of anyone injured, or cars damaged. There were, of course, a couple of people who applied their own graffiti to support the BLM movement on the bridge itself.

Those stuck in their cars were also tweeting and sharing videos and honestly most seem only inconvenienced and understanding.

It won’t be long before traffic resumes normal flow and people delayed by hours finally get where they need to go.

This is not the last protest on the Bay Bridge and, if there were more numbers, the bridge might’ve been occupied for a lot longer.

But, for a few hours earlier today, the Bay Bridge was successfully shutdown for traffic entering the city.

The same can’t be said for traffic leaving as no protesters made their way down to the lower deck.


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