This Florida Mom really thought she could overtake a State Trooper if she didn’t break the speed limit but she had another thing coming.

A hilarious and teachable moment about what exactly is speeding popped up on TikTok earlier last week (June 6, 2020) when teen Morgan Brisson filmed her Mom confidently overtaking a Florida State Trooper, cautioning her it wasn’t a good idea. Moments after the Mom overtakes the FSP, the police officer puts on the blues and tunes and pulls her over anyway.

Check out the hilarious video along with the reason why she was pulled over below.


Don’t lose on what are the odds lol ##fyp ##whathappened ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – morganbrisson6

In the video we can see Morgan’s Mom driving along on a two-lane highway, the rain is lightly falling keeping the roads nice and damp (That’s a key factor and we’ll get into that later.)

The Mom plays her cards right (or so she thinks) doesn’t go over the 60 MPH speed limit too much and chooses an overtaking spot with a broken (and not a solid) line to signal and accelerate to pass.

Morgan knows deep in her soul, although she doesn’t know exactly why, overtaking a cop is a bad idea.

“I hope he pulls you over….oh, he’s pulling us over!”

In a second video posted shortly after her first vid went Viral Morgan explains how,


Part 2 on why we got pulled over

♬ original sound – morganbrisson6

“We didn’t know why we were being pulled over, we didn’t go over the speed limit, we passed where there was a dotted line, and we made sure there was no oncoming traffic.”

“But the state trooper said we were going to fast for conditions and let us go with a warning.”

You can argue all you want with police on this issue, even take it all the way to court and win since, technically, you didn’t go over the speed limit in rainy conditions but being pulled over is largely a judgement call by the officer.

More than likely this officer wanted to prove a point and had time to inform his constituent about speeding in the rain and the consequences when you go too fast.

Perhaps this area is known for speeders crashing when the roads get wet.

If you’re ever in doubt about how fast you should go in the rain, have no clue about hydroplaning, how to handle your car in those situations, and don’t know the conditions of your tires, you should probably drive under the speed limit.

But if you’re Ayrton Senna and have a fresh set of Pirellis on your Porsche 911, arguably the rules don’t apply to you, but don’t be surprised if you do get puled over.

If this was a normal sunny day, that officer probably would’ve shrugged off being overtaken since he literally has no reason. But on that day, passing a police officer wasn’t the move.


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