Sounds naturally aspirated to me. What do you think?

It looks like Corvette Engineers are buttoning up benchmark testing for their C8 ZO6. According to C8 owner Randy Hermann and a quick video he shot presumably somewhere in Michigan earlier today (June 18, 2002) Randy caught a caravan of sports cars including a bog-standard C8, Ferrari 458, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and a camouflaged C8 we all suspect is C8 ZO6.

There’s also a video of a C8 ZO6 leaving a dirt road, accelerating up to the speed limit with a better exhaust clip making the rounds so we’re including that one too.

The Corvette was unique, quad exhaust centrally mounted with outer pipes being about half the diameter of the inner.

This is not the first time the 2021 C8 ZO6 has been spotted testing with other exotics. Earlier in February the Z06 was spotted mobbing it down the freeway with a Ferrari 458 following close behind.

And before that, the Z06 was spotted in Southern California mountain roads carving it up, hugging the inside lane like a true GT Sports Car.

One thing’s certain, the rumored Flat Plane Crank engine is becoming more true with each video of this prototype making its way on the internet. As the C8 Z06 pulls away in that first vid, the exhaust note does not sound like a traditional V8 with that distinct burble. You can also hear a flat plane crank-like exhaust note in that second video.

As it stands, the rumor is we’ll see this Z06 next year as a MY 2022. Under the rear deck lid will be a 5.5L V8 sourced from GM’s C8.R racer. While that engine is limited to just 500 HP, GM engineers supposedly will turn up the wick to 650HP or more.

The best part will probably be the price. The C8 ZO6 has a rumored estimate MSRP of around $85,000, a mere fraction of those other sports cars GM is benchmarking.

As summer kicks off, we will see more spottings with less camo as the release date comes closer.


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