Most of the weight of the hot tub was on a hand truck so it’s OK. /s

Woodstock, Ontario police had one of the strangest traffic stops in history. According to Redditor HelloImBrock, and his post earlier today (June 18, 2020) he happened to catch the amazing moment this Porsche 968 owner was pulled over with what looks like a full-sized hot tub hanging off the back of his rear hatch.

Check out the amazing photo and update from Woodstock, Ontario police below.

TIL you don’t need a truck to pick up a hot tub. We’ve all been missing out. (This happened yesterday just outside of my hometown) from r/IdiotsInCars

The Porsche 968 was the successor to the 944 that, on a good day, output around 240 HP at the crank. Porsche did not design this car to haul anything other than two people and a handbag.

Upon closer inspection we can see how he puled it off, by placing the bulk of the hot tub on a hand truck/dolly, most of the hot tub’s weight rests outside of the vehicle. It’s a makeshift tow rig. The hand truck has solid wheels and is made to handle large appliances, but not like this.

I’m seeing no tow straps so I’m guessing he’s tempting fate if he takes a corner a little too hard.

Larger, 6 people hot tubs can weigh more than a thousand pounds but this looks a lot smaller, probably half that size.

Regardless of the setup, this is still a dangerous towing technique no one in their right mind should ever attempt.

First off, driving around in an unsafe condition is a ticketable offense according to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. The act prescribes that police remove the vehicle from the road if found to be unsafe. Here, I can only presume a proper tow vehicle had to be sourced before police could sign off and leave this new hot tub owner alone.

If this was on private property, and the hot tub was moving a couple of feet, sure. But to place other drivers lives in danger with this hauling technique isn’t the move.

I do wonder how far this guy had to go. Surely it was just in-town.

If you need to move something this large, phone a friend with a truck or head to your local U-Haul. It’s not worth the ticket or damage you might cause.


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