This Kalama, WA resident made it quite clear he was not happy with an Amazon delivery driver trespassing even though technically he wasn’t.

Washington resident and Amazon delivery driver, who goes by @DannyLevel99 on TikTok and Instagram, had an awkward but mostly terrifying run-in with a Kamala, WA resident while on delivery. Lost, with his Amazon-supplied GPS not helping him find the address he needs to head to, Danny unknowingly drove onto private property. A resident who lives nearby made it quite clear, in so many words and threats, that Danny’d better not make the same driving mistake again as he literally threatened he’d blow off his tires.

Check out the unsettling bit of footage below.


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Kamala, Washington is a small city in larger Cowlitz County. Like a lot of the Pacific North West, Kamala is carved into the natural topography of the land with many homes built long before the turn of the century. With homes spread out, unlike the suburban sprawl a good chunk of America is used to, finding specific addresses can be a challenge.

And, if you have an uncooperative GPS, a piece of equipment Amazon delivery drivers rely on, you’re bound to get lost once in a while. Hop on TikTok and click the #AmazonDriver hashtag and there are plenty of videos of frustrated and lost delivery drivers. Look at this delivery driver, he has to deliver on the daggum ocean.



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Any way, in this video it looks like Danny’s driven a ways up a long private driveway. But, with his GPS directing him here and not spotting the sign telling him this was private property, Danny literally had no idea he was trespassing.

A man approaches who, according to the other two residents who approach in the other half of the video, doesn’t even live there himself.

“If you come back here again and trespass on my property, I will shoot your tires out and have you arrested for trespassing.

Danny replies back, “My GPS isn’t working so I’m not able to find out where i’m going. I’m just wandering around, trying to find where I need to deliver this package, no need to threatan me with gun violence.

The man responds, “It’s not threatening, I’ll shoot your tires out. There’s a sign at the end of the driveway that says 157…”

At that point the people who actual live on the property show up and tell both the man threatening Danny and Danny himself to leave. The resident’s partner seen carrying a bat, is actually helpful and directs the Amazon delivery driver where he needs to go.

I hate to break it to that dude but, in the eyes of the law, Danny wasn’t trespassing. Trespassing involves having prior knowledge that you don’t belong in the area. If Danny drove onto that private driveway and really had no clue, he wasn’t trespassing. If Danny stayed far longer than was necessary after the fact, then yes, he’d be trespassing.

We need to be nicer and more accommodating to our delivery drivers, especially Amazon ones. They’re more than likely young, super inexperienced, and just happy to have a job delivering your packages.

Danny captioned the above photo, “Kamala, you’re a bi*** to delver to, but you’re beautiful.


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