How you miss an entire train headed your way is beyond me.

Update 6/21/2020 – a “fan” of the blog found this up-close shot. Yikes.

What’s big, black, and 400,000 pounds clanging in your general direction? It’s the German Molli-Bahn steam train. According to a Redditor 27C3 and a video he shared, someone captured the priceless moment this Mercedes driver merged into the path of a full-sized steam train, causing significant damage to his own car but not a scratch on the train.

Check out the amazing bit of footage for yourself below.

I bet he didn’t saw that coming from r/IdiotsInCars

If you didn’t already know, the Molli-Bahn A.K.A. the Molli Railway is a working narrow gauge steam powered railway in the German province of Mecklenburg, specifically Bad Doberan. Operating for over 100 years, it’s built a reputation as both a tourist attraction and as a means of transport for the German people who live there. I guess this Mercedes driver did not get the message.

In the video we can see one of the steam trains bearing along at a slightly faster pace than walking. If you don’t see the enormous steam train, you can hear it, hissing away excess steam, its operator making sure everyone can hear the bell within a five-mile radius.

Then we see a Mercedes coupe back up and pull out in front of the train.With his door shut, isolated from outside sounds, he was probably in his car long before the train arrived and did not hear it. Surely he looked in his mirrors but we already know what kind of reputation luxury car drivers have signaling, let alone using their mirrors.

We hear the frantic screams from the train operator as he yells in vain at the Mercedes driver and throws on his brakes. But physics is not on the Mercedes driver’s side and one does not simply stop a train on a dime. All that forward momentum transfers into the Mercedes’s quarter panel, crunching up his body work and probably wrecking his wheels and suspension.

With video evidence, this Mercedes driver has no case against the train. Any reasonable person would’ve seen that massive hunk of metal bearing down on them.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this Mercedes driver, check your mirrors and, when you’re about to pull out, check them again.



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