This Honda Odyssey driver knew he screwed up big time and didn’t want to stop despite a whole motorbike wedged in his front bumper.

Update: 6/21/2020 – Honda Odyssey driver arrested!

SoCal resident William Duran captured one of the wildest post-crash videos I’ve ever seen. William caught a Honda Odyssey post hit-and-run on the 91 (A.K.A. Riverside Freeway) pushing a high-performance motorcycle without its rider at highway speeds. With the bike still wedged into his front bumper and tires from the bike not spinning, we can see sparks from the bike shooting underneath, its driver determined to escape.

Check out the shocking video for yourself below.

There are a few details at the moment but according to comments in the video, this Honda Odyssey driver ran into a motorcycle and did not stop. This is one of those rare hit-and-run cases where the other vehicle is still attached to the suspect’s car.

According to William Williams in his video description on YouTube,

I saw a van coming up behind us with sparks flying and then we caught this passing us by. A hit-and-run driver in Corona smashed into a motorcycle, pinning it under his bumper and dragging it off the highway. We doubled back to see if we could find him but he had run his car into a fence and presumably took off running.

William Williams provides us with an update on the riders health in the Facebook comments.

Just found out, rider was injured but will be okay, they haven’t caught the driver.

Furthermore, a report from KCAL 9 we came across at the time of this writing reports

The motorcyclist was said to have complained about pain to their arms and legs, but were otherwise fine.

Here’s the location where this van was spotted on Google Maps.

While this is a hit and run, I use that term in the lightest way possible. After this van driver took off, with the bike still attached, he endangered the lives of commuters around him. If the bike wedged itself free and made its way onto the freeway, who knows what kind of damage he could’ve caused.

With an injured rider, this is most definitely a felony hit-and-run. In California, felony hit-and-runs are punishable by up to four years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Thank God this guy was filming in 1080P because we have a clear shot of what the driver looks like.

What was this dude thinking? Hopefully police catch this guy soon.



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