According to Oak Bay Police, “Sometimes a few photos can tell the whole story.”

A 20-year-old Ford Mustang driver is being put through the wringer, and for good reason. According to the Vancouver Island Free Daily earlier yesterday (June 19,2020) local police are considering bringing the judicial hammer down even further after issuing five tickets to a novice driver caught speeding in a residential. The Ford Mustan driver might’ve got away if he didn’t crash into a tree.

To make matters worse, some choice decals mocking local law enforcement is really sticking into their craw.

Check out the tweet from Oak Bay Police below reporting the crash and putting extra emphasis on those incriminating decals.

The two cringey stickers read, “Street Racing is not a crime, well it is but f*** it.” and “Yes officer I did see the speed limit sign (I just didn’t see you.”

Unlike its neighbors down south, Canada has a decent driver’s licensing system. Whereas if you’re 16 and pass your DL test in some states here, allowing you to drive unrestricted, in Canada, for the first two years of driving, you’re stuck with a special “N” license. That means no alcohol, electronic devices, and you can only have one passenger that’s not family.

This Ford Mustang driver blew past an officer going 45 MPH (equivalent) in a 25 MPH zone. Presumably, that means this is a residential area.

A quick look on Google Maps reveals that Oak Bay, true to its name, is lined with trees. Supposedly this street is a hot spot for speeders, probably not the smartest place to put the pedal to the metal given all those stationary shrubbery.

The offending N driver had two passengers with one of them ending up at a local hospital for a possible vertebrae injury. Thankfully, that person was given a clean bill of health.

As mentioned, not only is local Oak Bay police slapping this driver with five tickets including, “driving without care, speeding in the municipality and three driving contrary to restriction infraction” because of stickers this case is being rung up the ladder to the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner and the Independent Investigations Office.

It’s bad enough that this driver totaled their Ford Mustang but to go through an additional scrutinizing by local governing boards with names too long to remember is a serious case of bad to worse.

One thing’s for certain, this Ford Mustang N-license driver is a scapegoat, an example for all inexperienced drivers to what can happen if you’re a scofflaw and speeder.

TL;DR- if you’re a new driver, lose the cringe-y decals


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