Organized under the “Rolling for Rights- San Diego chapter” San Diego residents and tourists were amazed and in awe to see so many skaters skate past them in support of the BLM movement.

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If you happened to be walking near Sixth Ave. and Balboa. Dr in San Diego earlier today around 2 P.M. (June 20,2020) than you probably saw one of the most unique protests in San Diego history as thousands of skaters took to the street in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. According to several videos popping up on social media we can see thousands of skaters rolling past, some on two wheels, others on four wheels, but all of them in support of a movement that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Check out a handful of videos showing these protesters doing the most on four wheels below.

Also, here’s the announcement sent out to thousands of skate enthusiasts a week ago, finalizing route details informing skaters where to meet and what to expect.

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🗣ATTENTION SD!! Everybody is invited to join us on Saturday June 20th for #rollingforrights We are coming together to address all the issues in our world and use our voice as the skate community of SD to fight for our rights! Fighting against racism and injustice as we support our black brothers and sisters in showing the world #blacklivesmatter ! We need to fight to defund our police departments and reinvest in our communities where we need it most! Flush the system and create the world we want to live in! We need all the help we can get to make this go as smooth as possible and keep it peaceful all the way through. If anybody would like to donate and or volunteer to help we would greatly appreciate it, leave a comment and we will go from there! We need cooperation from everyone who attends in order to keep the peace and get our message across loud and clear. Let’s show em how SD rolls!! #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #fuckracism #humanrights #defundthepolice #endpolicebrutality #unityinthecommunity #rollingforrights

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Keeping in line with current social distancing protocols and a call from the Gov. Newsom to have masks on in public at all times we can see a handful of skaters masked, most skating with a healthy distance between each other. Some skaters made signs small enough to hold and still maneuver as they made tight turns to avoid hitting traffic.

Filled with mostly young kids and some older skaters with healthy knees, it turned out to be one of the most peaceful protests I’ve ever seen, at least online.

Props to Rolling for Rights San Diego for organizing such a dope event. We all can take part and show our support in our own unique way.

While some people might not feel comfortable walking with fellow protesters at a pedestrian pace, the thrill of skating for a cause might’ve brought out a few apprehensive ones who want to support the cause.

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