Even if you’re not Vietnamese, if you’re Asian or just a fan of Asian culture, you’ll get a kick out of this Waze custom voice.

Are you an avid Waze user and want someone that sounds like your Vietnamese Uncle guiding you as a GPS Voice? Well, now you can. Popular Vietnamese comedian and overall funny guy @SupDawk took the time to make a custom Downloadable Waze accent for voice directions available for free.

Check out a handful of social media posts below demonstrating how “Dawk Waze” sounds liks and if you want to download Dawk Waze here’s the link below.

Click here to download Dawk Waze.

I’m not a Waze user myself and was doubtful this was 100 percent an actual thing anyone can download, but I tried it, installing the voice mysel,f and it’s super easy to do.

As you can see in the demo video from someone using it in the wild, it seamlessly integrates with your Waze habits.

I came across this custom voice on the “Subtle Asian Cars” Facebook group and everyone likes it, not one criticism, and why would they? It’s hilarious!

Be warned, for the first couple of miles with “Dawk Waze” on, you might look like a total loon laughing your head off driving down the road, strangers wondering what the heck is wrong with you.

But for Free.99, it’s worth it.

To be honest, if I used this custom voice everyday I might get tired of it, it’s novelty wearing off, but, if you want to lighten the mood or just make your friends laugh, Dawk Waze should do the trick.

Hopefully, this inspires other Asian accent to come out of the woodworks. Please, someone make a Filipino accent one!

Are there any other downloadable Asian accents I don’t know about? Let me know in the comments below.

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