We’ve seen the new 2021 Acura TLX in cleaned up press photos, but what does it look like in regular traffic? Here ya’ go.

Southern California resident Iradier Covarrubias was cruising along in Manhattan Beach, California when he spotted a dark red sports sedan with its badge covered. When Iradier pulled up closer, he knew he was looking at the soon to be released 2021 Acura TLX so he snapped just two photos before the TLX sped away.

Check out his post below.

Acura promises five premium colors for the TLX and this looks a lot like Acura’s Performance Red Pearl found on the current MDX and RDX, a solid color that pops in full-sunlight.

Compared to the last gen TLX, this is a slightly wider car in terms of wheelbase and it translates well when looking at it from behind, the rear wheel arches popping out ever so slightly.

The true dual exhaust tips don’t scream premium to me and I would’ve liked to see a thicker, more bold exhaust tip design, but it’s not offensive and plays into the natural bumper lines out back.

That deeply cut and sculpted rear bumper looks straight out of a concept and really begs the question how this design got past safety regulations into production. One thing’s for certain, a bumper replacement for collision repair will not come cheap.

I’m trying to figure out how you’d even replace a damaged bumper?

You can’t see much of the profile but its sculpted panels and continuous character lines from the fender to the rear taillights add some visual dynamics to an otherwise still car that will probably translate better in motion.

With its Acura badge covered and with 99 percent of traffic not in the know what they’re looking at, this design language skews heavily towards an Asian marquee, and it shows.

Off these two pictures, the TLX stands out in a sea of crossovers towering above it. I’m sure that Audi driver in opposite traffic “broke his neck” wondering what that red sedan was.

Hopefully, someone captures this TLX from the front, soon.

We won’t have to wait too long since these new TLXs show up in showrooms later this Fall.


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