“Oh, clean. You know. Clean.”

Skyler Corbin caught the amazing moment a hot air balloon and its passengers accidently veered off course and crash landed feet away from their house in Ellettsville, Indiana. It’s not clear when this happened so I will assume this was earlier yesterday (July 6,2020.) Skyler uploaded his video to TikTok and unsurprisingly it’s gone viral approaching 1 million views and counting.

Check out his amazing bit of footage below.


Homie landed in my yard ??? ##LegendaryChallenge ##hotairballoon ##funny ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – skylercorbin

Right when Skyler opens the door we hear a blast of flame from the hot air balloon’s burner.

A neighbor can be seen craning his neck upwards, taking in the spectacle unfolding before his eyes.

TikTok can’t get over how casual Skyler treats some random, stories-tall, hot air balloon randomly landing in front of his house. Paraphrasing Skyler’s comments, the balloon had a handful of elderly people as passengers trying their best not to panic as the balloon pilot carefully maneuvered a landing in the middle of the residential street.

Hot air balloons have no internal steering mechanisms and rely on different wind directions at differing altitudes to steer the balloon where it needs to go.

Presumably some unpredictable winds steered this balloon way off course, leaving the pilot with few options.

A quick look on Google Maps shows there are two nearby Ballooning places both in Bloomington. Both places have 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews so I have a hard time believing it’s from either location.

Part of me thinks this is a bunch of amateur balloonists.

This is not even the first time a Hot-Air Balloon’s had a close brush with houses. Back in September it looks like the carriage of this balloon barely cleared these Ellettsville suburban boxes.

Hot air balloon clears house by a few feet in Ellettsville from r/bloomington

In the above Reddit thread, one commenter mentions how,

“It’s been several years, but I remember that one hit a house in Arrowhead (Ellettsville subdivision) and at least two have landed in the street.”

If you live in Monroe County around the Bloomington area, it would behoove you to keep your eyes to the sky every once in a while. You never know when a hot air balloon might make an emergency landing near you.


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