Deputy Samantha Horne coordinated with other fellow police officers to spike strip the stolen Hyundai, bringing a quick end to a speedy chase.

High on drugs, in a stolen car, and, with nothing to lose, these grand theft auto suspects really thought they could get away. They didn’t realize they had one of Marion County’s finest on their a**.

Intense high-speed chase footage was released by Marion County Sherriff’s Department earlier yesterday (July 6, 2020) showing Deputy Samantha Horne giving chase and successfully apprehending a Grand Theft Auto suspect in a late-model Hyundai Elantra.

Check out the heart-pounding footage for yourself below.

According to the video description, a quick scan of the tags on this Elantra revealed that it was stolen. After a failed traffic stop, this GTA suspect put the pedal to the metal and took that Hyundai Elantra dangerously close to its 120 MPH top speed.

Within a minute of the chase we can hear Deputy Horne call out speeds of 90 MPH and climbing. Presumably, they hit 100 MPH and beyond.

With most of the chaise on US-27, a mostly straight, multi-lane straight stretch of road, even with moderate traffic, there was plenty of space for Horne’s Police Interceptor and Elantra to stretch its legs.

Only after a spike strip hit, losing one wheel, and, two pit maneuvers, did the Elantra GTA suspect call uncle and give up as the Korean economy car had nowhere else to go.

Here’s where they ended up on Google Maps.

If there ever was a masterclass in high-speed driving, Deputy Horne just showed us one. Towards the end of the chase we can see Deputy Horne keeping the Interceptor pointed straight even though two wheels are on the grass and the other two are on asphalt, no easy task, especially after juking your own spike strip.

Deputy Horne was able to place the driver under arrested and Belleview Police Officer Coleman detained the passenger, identified as Harrison Blodnick. Moore was arrested for Grand Theft Auto, Fleeing/Elude, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

I tip my hat to you, Deputy Horne. It would be a tall order to find a finer wheelman in all of Florida.


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