This is what happens when you get comfortable driving like an imbecile

NYC Dashcam Videos shared the unfortunate but hilarious moment earlier yesterday (July 8, 2020) when a Mercedes driver ate a large piece of humble pie and got what was coming to him after weaving through New York City Traffic on FDR Drive. While attempting to pass in the slow lane, unbeknownst to him, there was a broken-down car in his way.

But, since he was speeding, to concentrated on passing, he did not give himself enough time and space to see the broken-down Nissan Maxima. You can guess what happens next.

Check out the video for yourself below.

In the video we can see a motorcyclist passing traffic in the fast lane and a big-body Mercedes keeping pace in the far right lane. Maybe these two were getting into it, trying to one up each other. There’s no way some six-figure Mercedes is going to concede to some crotch rocket, right?

The BMW driver, peeking in his rearview, sees the Mercedes approaching and gets out of its way. But, it was a split second too late because the reason he changes lane is that a car’s stopped, broken down in his lane.

By that time, it’s too late. The Mercedes slams into the broken down Maxima and his week is officially ruined.

While New York prides itself on having some of the best drivers in the world, there are always some cocky ones who think the rules of the road do not apply to them. With a big, expensive Mercedes with all the horsepowers (yes, horsepowers) it’s all too easy to think traffic does not apply to you and you can weave in and out of traffic without consequence.

It seems as the years go by drivers have bigger and bigger chips on their shoulders.

Do yourself a favor, drive sensibly, and keep your egos in check, people.


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