This size pothole would wreak havoc on any lowered car with zero suspension travel.

Editors note- Does anyone know where exactly this pothole is? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

A video showing a pothole the size and depth of a Mini Cooper popped up somewhere in China earlier this week (July 10, 2020) after a torrential rainstorm wreaked havoc on the presumably poorly engineered roads. A camera setup within feet of the pothole shows more than a dozen cars driving through the mini-pool at full speed. With muddy water filling the hole to the brim it looks like there isn’t a pothole at all until it’s too late.

Check out the hilarious but kind of concerning video below. If the video below is deleted, there’s a mirror here.

This is no ordinary pothole, it’s an anomaly of engineering more akin to a sink hole.

In the video we can see vehicles of all sizes ranging from one motorcyle to semi trucks with trailers going through the most extreme test their suspension’s ever faced.

Since normal suspensions aren’t designed to handle these types of forces, every one bottoms out, their springs compressed to the absolute max.

Speed definitely plays a huge role who makes it out the best.

Also, I think the longer a vehicle is, the better the total energy is distributed throughout the length of the vehicle.

The winner is 54 seconds in, a lone Range Rover who probably saw this pothole before he drove through. We see the Ranger Rover slow down and let his suspension handle the depth of the hole at a much gentler pace. At less than 10 MPH, it was light work for that urban off-roader.

The ones that get the most damage are cars going regular speeds. With such short overhangs and suspensions not set up for any type of off-roading, their owners will most likely put their cars on jack stands when they come home to inspect for damage.

A bit of asphalt and a roller won’t fix this mini-sinkhole. Whatever city this hole is in, they’ll have some major road construction on their hands.

Then again, this is China. Since the video’s been posted 19 hours ago, they’ve probably already ripped out this section of road and replaced it with something a lot better.

And seeing this pothole vid reminds me of a similar video in New Jersey from 2017. This pothole was much smaller and, in comparison to this one in China, a cakewalk.


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