If you can’t squeeze through a tight spot, by all means, apply more throttle and damage your truck and property. #sarcasm

Brenham, TX resident Richard Robb captured the bonehead moment earlier last week (July 2, 2020) of this girl driving a Ford F-350 dually through a Wells Fargo drive-through ATM lane way too narrow for truck. You’d think she’d reverse out of the lane when met with a bit of resistance but, to the contrary, she put the pedal to the floor and this happened.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Dually trucks, or dual rear wheel trucks, are trucks with four tires on the two rear wheels. With extra tires, these trucks can disperse the weight of a payload more and are commonly used by owners towing large campers and horse trailers.

While they’re great for towing, they can be cumbersome to drive around town given the increased rear width.

In the video we can already see this girl’s Ford F-350’s rear wheels perched atop one of the ATM curb lanes. There’s no way she can squeeze through without damaging one of her wheels.

With the amount of torque these trucks make, speeding up through that brick pillar was light work for an empty truck.

You can hear the sickening sound of an alloy wheel against brick wall, the wheel curb rashed beyond recognition. More than likely that wheel is toast.

And someone from Wells Fargo maintenance will have to come out to re-brick that load-bearing pillar.

While driving a dually isn’t all that much different compared to a regular truck, you need to give yourself wide-berth around corners.

And while everyone should use their mirrors, you need to use them even more so with these duallies, checking your rear tires and fenders so they don’t contact anything.

Her family or boyfriend will be seriously pi**ed to find their work truck’s been wrecked.

If you feel you hit something when driving, don’t power through it. Stop, pause, and inspect what you hit before your next move.


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