It’s one thing to flip someone off, but to ram your rental car into the back of someone else and going full gas is over the top.

Man, these L.A. driver need to chill. SoCal-based box truck rental fan Ryder Germann shared a shocking video clip of unadulterated Los Angeles road rage earlier this week showing a newer model Chevrolet Blazer ramming into the back of some early 2000s Chevrolet Tahoe. The situation ramps up to 11 once the Blazer backs up, giving the body-on-frame Tahoe some breathing room to back up.

Check out the vehicular melee below.

And here’s where it was on Google Maps.

On the corner of Adams and Crenshaw, in the heart of Los Angeles, the scene of the accident is near to the 10 freeway. My guess is that these two have been at it on the freeway before one of them exited and the other gave chase, ready to exact his revenge on the other.

Whatever it was these two got into, they gave zero f***s with what happened to their vehicles. After that Blazer backs up a little the Tahoe throws it in reverse and T-bones the Blazer’s door at an angle.

Knowing that he’s no match for a much more robust SUV, probably worth $500 on Craigslist, the Blazer books it into a nearby Chevron. The Tahoe gives chase but not before the Blazer completes a full lap back to where they started , re-entering the Chevron and losing the stunned Tahoe driver.

As the Blazer passes by, we can see someone riding shotgun, I’m assuming it’s the guy’s wife yelling at him to calm t.f. down.

Whatever it was these guys were getting into each other for, it certainly wasn’t worth it. With thousands of dollars in damage between the two of them, it’s going to be a hard pill to swallow for both once they get home to assess the damage.


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