What could’ve caused this lady to fall out of her SUV, your guess is as good as mine.

Evansville, Indiana resident Philip Durham caught the hilarious moment a Chevrolet Equinox (or Traverse? they both look the same) owner chases after her own SUV after allegedly falling out of it twice. Caught on the corner of US.Highway 66 and North First Ave, it was a miracle no one hit the lady running after her SUV, let alone the Chevrolet itself.

Check out the unbelievable video for yourself below.

Here’s where it happened on Google Maps.

This B**** just fell, she just fell out of her car. Holy s***. What is going on? What…is literally happening right now? Holy S***.

In the video we can see a woman dusting herself off, her SUV slowly rolling in drive away from here. In all likelihood, she didn’t have her seatbelt on, otherwise she’d at least be strapped in.

My guess is she dropped something near the map pocket on her door and, to reach it better, she opened her door to bend a little deeper. Of course, if you’re not very flexible and prone to gravity taking over, you might just fall out of your car.

Philip says she shouldn’t have run after her SUV because, with cross traffic with the green light, it could’ve turned ugly real fast. Drivers going through the motions don’t expect to see some lady jogging in the middle of an intersection and before they can react, it could be too late.

I have to agree with Philip here.

Thankfully, they only damage was a slow-speed collision when her Chevrolet Equinox eventually rolled into another car with nowhere to go.

The best part is the chick in the orange truck was just smoking a cig, chill and unaffected by it smashing into her.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, your car rolling through an intersection, just let it be. Wait for gravity to do its job and deal with the aftermath like a smart human being.


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