Does this dude not know he’s in an electric car?

OK, so this video is staged and fake, or is it?

A video shared on “The Justin Flom Show” shows a Tesla Model 3 owner going through an epic struggle at a Shell Gas Station as he tries to figure out why he can’t refuel his electric car with dino juice. You’d think after popping the Model 3’s plug door and seeing the electrical connecter he’d put two and two together, but such is not the case.

Check out his hilarious video below.

Our filmers are conveniently parked in perfect eyeshot of a Tesla Model 3 owner who’s parked next to a gas pump. (Oh wow, very not staged!)

Our hero comes out of his Tesla Model 3, throws some trash away (because so natural) and pops his electric charge port. The filmers think he’s not actually going to attempt a fill-up with gas but then he takes out his debit card.

Oh, it’s going down.

After failing to put the gas nozzle into the Tesla’s charge port he puts back the nozzle and attempts to search for the “real” gas tank fill location.

He hams it up for the camera by looking in the trunk and frunk to no avail. After a quick google search for “Where’s the gas door on my Tesla” on his iPhone he realizes his mistake, throws his hands up with an “oh no!” and presumably drives off.

What a total imbecile!

Several commenters are upset that they didn’t actually help the guy, but, again, it’s staged!

If you want to see a slightly more plausible video of an actual Tesla owner attempting to fill up their Model S with gas, this one below is pretty good. A part of me thinks Justin Flom went for a shot by shot remake.


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