This Ferrari F40 is allegedly owned by Australian businessman Steve Manthey who spent a considerable amount of money to convert it to RHD.

Pour one out for another wrecked Ferrari F40. According to The Mercury of Australia and @TupperWaveMusic off Twitter, one of a handful of Ferrari F40s in Australia skidded off the road and wedged itself into a tree.

Check out the tweet of photos for yourself below.

It’s not clear what caused this crash, but it’s unfortunate. Looking at a bird’s eye-view of the roads surrounding the crash area, with lots of twisties on well-paved roads, this is an ideal location to bring one of Ferrari’s best cars to stretch its legs. My guess is he lost control and didn’t have enough space to stop in time. A child of the late 80s, these F40s do not have elctronic aids to save you in a pinch.

A preliminary once over of the damage and we’re looking at more than $100,000 in repairs. With possible monocoque damage, many body panels that will need replacing, and including who knows what needs replacing under the rear bonnet, this won’t be easy on the owner’s wallet.

Commenters on DriveTribe spilled the alleged owner’s name. According to Scott H,

I know this car well. They think it is a replica because it is right-hand drive. It is a real F40 converted by the owner, Mr Steve Manthey.

It’s supposedly illegal to drive Ferrari F40s in Australia since these Italian exotics are left-hand drive. Driving a right-hand drive car in Australia is not allowed.

With a cursory knowledge of what it takes to convert a USDM Honda Civic to right-hand drive, I can’t even fathom the amount of work, level of detail, and how much it would cost to convert an F40 to RHD.

I have a feeling this owner will dole out the cash to save this Ferrari. After all, Ferrari is working behind the scenes to save that one F40 that burned to a crisp in Monaco. If that Ferrari F40 can make it, this one surely can.

Hopefully, this F40 owner has a level enough head to know this car’s worth saving, if only for posterity’s sake.


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