She got out her red, orange, yellow, green, and violet markers and got to work.

Wisconsin teen Yasbeth Lagunas is getting dragged on pretty much every social media platform for a viral TikTok video showing her taking markers to one of those Thin Blue Line American Flag Stickers and transforming it into a Pride Flag sticker. The situation got so heated, with police supporters and the like telling her that this is destruction of property and she’ll get in trouble that eventually TikTok disabled her account until she posted further proof that she wasn’t, in fact, destroying property.

Check out her video below including some explanation videos that followed shortly after.


##fyp fixed it😍💫👩🏽‍🦯

♬ original sound – nocontext_spongebob

##fyp beibeeeeeeee I bet y’all feel mad dumb now 😭😭😭😭😭

♬ original sound – yaaszss

The Thin Blue Line American Flag is a popular take on the standard Thin Blue Line Flag, symbolic of police as the only thing stopping society falling into chaos.

In the video we can see Yasbeth hastily coloring all the white bars of the American flag, filling them in to create her own Pride Flag. The background sound is standard TikTok Spongebob talking to Evil Plankton.

Although people want to think she’s destroying property, she technically isn’t This sticker is on Yasbeth’s parent’s car and, according to her Dad in the video above, he approves of it.

“Hi guys, this is my car and I approve this message.” – Her Dad.

Still, with the video trending, even though it was posted more than two weeks ago, people are still pressed in the comments.

Others tried to point out that, by coloring in the other colors she is, in some roundabout way, also supporting first responders, firefighters, EMT, Armed forces, and etc.

But, we all know why she really drew in those extra colors.

I like to think she did her parents a favor as showing support for any police, at the moment, invites more criticism than adulation.


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