He claims his GPS brought him here.

TikTok user @Toms_son uploaded a video earlier yesterday (July 18,2020) showing a man driving and getting his Ford Escape crossover stuck in a drainage ditch. When asked what he was doing, he claims “his GPS brought him here” and that he had a front flat tire. An unlikely explanation to a strange circumstance.

In an update video posted a couple of days later, @Toms_son confirms that as suspected, police circling the area where looking for this person, that he was drunk (driving while intoxicated,) and that his initial story was a grand coverup to explain why he was evading arrest.

Check out the videos for yourself below. Mirror here.


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For everyone wondering…the driver was arrested for a DUI. He is a good guy that made a bad mistake like all of us. He asked we pray for his sobriety

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In the video we can see this man’s Ford Escape take a sharp left turn into a drainage ditch full of water.

It’s common for neighborhoods to be surrounded with a concrete-lined ditch to get rainwater and runoff away from residential areas and into the local sewer system. There’s also usually a path next to the ditch for people to use as a footpath for exercise etc. This is where our filmer is walking.

When asked, “Are you that drunk? How much have you had to drink? the driver spits out many explanations including, “I have a flat tire. I have no idea where I’m going, I’m so sorry.”

And when asked a third time, “How much have you had to drink” he sort of incriminates himself by saying, “Not enough.”

Before their encounter, police were presumably circling this location, searching for someone.

The man asks, “Is somebody looking for you because the police where just here driving up and down the road and I’m wondering if they’re looking for you.”

The Ford Escape driver doubles down on his story and states, “I’ve got a flat tire on the right side and I’m just trying to get out…”

He then admits to the guy, “Look, I’m trying. This is clearly my fault.”


In the update video we can see police have arrived. According to @Toms_Son,

“For all of you that were wondering, this gentleman was intoxicated. He drove 40 MPH down an easement behind my home….I tried to help him but he understood that he screwed up. We shook hands before he was arrested. He thanked me for doing the right thing.”

“The Office” or life imitates art.

This is the scene in “The Office” the guy is referring to, a hilarious clip where Michael Scott stubbornly drives into a lake because the GPS says so even though Dwight is screaming at him not to.

Alcohol addiction is real

Thankfully, the only thing hurt in this encounter was this man’s Ford Edge, nothing that a good water extraction can’t fix.

What we do see is a man plagued by alcoholism and, if the situation played out slightly differently, he could’ve seriously hurt or killed someone, if not himself.

If you or someone you know is a habitual drinker, prone to operate a car without thinking it through, please get help or offer assistance. Getting into a good twelve-step program is a great first step.


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