This Charger driver gunned it, thinking it was all straight road ahead of him. Little did he know…

If it was a car meet and a show these car enthusiasts gathered at a local Sterling Heights, MI movie theater wanted, they got their money’s worth. According to several first-hand accounts and videos off social media earlier yesterday (Sept 4, 2020) a Dodge Charger in black and yellow camo misjudged the road in front of him, gunned it, and ended up going all “Dukes of Hazzard” in front of hundreds of spectators. The crash landing was so bad, his airbags went off!

Check out several videos showcasing the launch and aftermath below.

I must warn you, no one really got a good angle of the launch. As one spectator put it, “no one was expecting it.” So, all we have is a distant view of the jump and the aftermath.

I’m not sure who organized the event but, you get hundreds of couped up car kids in one location, itching for something wild to go down and, inevitably, something will.

Watching MoneyWayJTV’s coverage, this meet took the normal arc of events. First, there’re the entrances and parking. Then everyone walks around for a bit while the late-comers stream in. Eventually the muscle cars get bored, hatch a plan to do some burnouts in an open part of the meet, and finally turn rubber into tire smoke.

That’s what happened here.

Everything was going peachy until our hero leaves the meet by launching from 0 to 100 (because, of course.) He must not be from this area because, as this Google Maps overlay shows, you can’t just drive through the middle of AMC 30, you have to loop around.

By then, it was too late.

The aftermath speaks for itself. A presumably busted oil pan means, for a couple of seconds, his Charger didn’t have precious oil. The crash was strong enough to trigger the airbags. I guess that means there’s severe frame damage, too.

To top it all off, he lost his pink splitter. Is it even a Dodge Charger if it doesn’t have its splitter?

After everyone gathers around to assess the damage, not socially distancing btw, the police and emergency services eventually arrive.

Take this man’s plight as a cautionary tale. Know thy surroundings before punching it.


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