This video lets your driver know you have someone expecting you and they know where you are.

As much as ridesharing with Uber and Lyft is relatively safe, there are still some creeps out there that, given the right opportunity, might pull a fast one and go off the rails.

But how do you prevent these weirdos from taking advantage of you? Several Tik Tokers have come up with ingenious videos for you to save to your camera roll to play on loud speaker, like you’re talking on face time, if you ever feel uncomfortable.

All you have to do is play along with the on-screen instructions.

They are quick and easy videos that let the Uber/Lyft/Whatever driver know someone is expecting you, they know where exactly you are, and that there’s something wrong.

Check out this Tik Tok video below and consider saving it to your camera. I’ve also embedded a handful of others that are really good. And, if those don’t seem ideal, you can easily Google or search on Tik Tok for “Uncomfortable in an Uber, Uncomfortable in a Lyft, etc) to find your own video.

This video’s from Tik Tok user @JayJayRay13 who has a lot of great ones uploaded.


Self defense videos to come! ##selfdefense ##besafe ##fyp ##fypdoesntwork

♬ original sound – jayjayray13

Here’s the script you’ll hear.

Jay: ” Hey, Girl! Are you almost here?”
You: [Say “Yeah.”]|
Jay: “How far out would you say you are?”
You: [Say your estimated time of arrival.]
Jay: “OK, cool.”
You: “Is Jake there?”
Jay: “Yah, he’ll just meet you out there in the front. Why don’t I just go ahead and get your drink, what do you want?”
You: “Water please”
Jay: “Water? With lemon?”
You: “Yes, please.
Jay: “OK, she’d like a water with a lemon please. Hey, are you OK? You don’t seem yourself?
You: “No, I’m stressed, but we will talk later.”
Jay: “Oh, that’s fine. Yah, we can talk about it more when you get here. OK, why don’t you just drop me your location, you can just send it to me. Yah, send me your location so I know exactly when you get here then we can meet you out in the front. Sound good?”
You:” Yes, I will see you soon!”
Jay: “OK Girl, love you. See you soon!”
You: “Love you, bye!”
Jay: “Alright, bye.”

And here are a couple of others you can download.

The next one is gender neutral.


For the gender neutral/generic scenarios! ##fyp ##fypdoesntwork ##selfdefense

♬ original sound – jayjayray13


♬ original sound – lilbishybish

iPhone version. *USE THIS SOUND IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IN AN UBER OR LFYT MOM VERSION* ##fyp ##fridaythe13th ##imaboss ##uber ##PlayWithLife ##pov ##viral

♬ Safe Uber Sound – jennainnacut

another 1! ** USE THIS IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE IN A UBER OR LYFT. ** ##fyp ##fridaythe13th ##imaboss ##PlayWithLife ##uber ##pov ##phonecallchallenge

♬ original sound – briasinterlude

another 1! ** USE THIS IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE IN A UBER OR LYFT. ** ##fyp ##fridaythe13th ##imaboss ##PlayWithLife ##uber ##pov ##phonecallchallenge

♬ original sound – briasinterlude

I know somebody is gonna need this lol ##funny ##situation ##fyp

♬ original sound – gog3tit_dom

Customizing your own videos

These above videos might not work for you so, you might have to come up with videos of your own to save. That means finding a family member or friend, writing up a quick script, and filming them.

Like the videos above you want to hit key points as quickly as possible, mainly

  • Someone is waiting for you at your destination.
  • Someone knows where you are.
  • And a brief dialogue to really sell it.

Not a replacement for an ACTUAL phone call

These videos, as mentioned, will never replace a real human being, but can be just as effective. Have a list of friends you can ACTUALLY call if you feel uncomfortable and, if they don’t answer, these videos are a good backup.

Also, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the emergency features on your phone. Your intuition might be bang on and that uncomfortable situation might turn from bad to worse real quick.

iPhones have an SOS feature that, when activated, will call emergency services for you and notify certain contacts of your location for several minutes after your call.

Androids have a similar feature through Google.


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