If you have nothing nice to tweet, it would behoove you to step away from your smartphone.

Grizzled F1 journalist Joe Saward is in a bit of hot water after taking the low road, presumably in a moment of social media weakness, rudely replying to an up-and-coming journalist’s tweet.

Ellie Fish, who goes by @EllieJaneF1, tweeted out her latest piece on Drive Tribe, throwing praise at F1 driver Lance Stroll’s latest accomplishments behind the wheel.

Shortly after, Saward threw his .02 in, replying, “Note to self: Don’t recommend @Sheffielduni as school for journalism.”

After dozens of replies denouncing his bit of vitriol, Saward deleted his tweet, but not before someone screenshotted it (because nothing really ever dies on the internet.)

Check out the offending tweet below.

Fish responded, quote tweeting’s Seward’s reply, apologizing to Seward that her words didn’t live up to his expectations.

Fish further explained some of her “shaky writing” was because of her dyslexia.

Within a matter of hours, Fish gained over 1000 followers and counting, many of them DM’ing her with advice how she can further improve her writing.

Dozens of replies and tweets poured in, in support of Fish.

Others came to Saward’s defense, bringing up times he helped support a new writer when they were starting out.

Saward has since posted his own non-apology, explaining what he meant when he tweeted his reply, mainly that he took offense to the “use of ‘of’ in place of ‘have’ was not good English. That’s it.”

If you really had a problem with her grammar, Saward, why not tweet that out in plain English instead of the roundabout way you took?

And, have you ever heard of praise in public, criticize in private?

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