She was going so fast; she crunched into a dumpster, threw it in reverse, and dragged the dumpster with her.

Footage posted on Instagram earlier last week (Sept 9,2020) from security cameras mounted on West Coast Specialities auto repair shop in San Diego shows the shocking moment an elderly woman in a BMW across the street mistakes the brakes for gas, drives across a cul-de-sac and back to where she started damaging multiple cars along the way including one full-sized dumpster. She would’ve kept going in reverse, into a building if it wasn’t for some a customer’s car blocking her way.

Check out the footage thanks to @Yahbross below.

In the first video we see the elderly lady in her E36 presumably driving off after having repairs done at Euro Auto Spot. We can see her reverse into the back of some other car first before she slams it into drive, hitting the gas instead of the brakes.

She drives across the aforementioned cul-de-sac, into the parking lot of West Coast Specialities, crashing into their dumpster, narrowly missing a Porsche. Ironically enough, WCS is a premier luxury collision repair and paint specialist.

She then reverses again, and re-traces her path of destruction back from whence she came, clipping an M2 before her driving line wedges her into the back of some other unfortunate customer’s car.

She’s till got her foot going full gas because she’s stopped, still doing a burnout.

You can see the bird’s-eye view of the location on Google Maps.

According to comments in the video, this was simple driver error and not a medical emergency.

What baffles me is she didn’t hop out of the car the first time she crashed and, instead, shifts into reverse. Surely, she isn’t driving this car for the first time.

And as far as I know, no one was seriously injured.

Depending on her age, while sad, that might’ve been the last time she’s behind the wheel of a car.

I’ve reached out to Euro Auto Spot for an official comment and will update this post if I hear back.


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