If you donated to an alleged GoFundMe, your money’s been spent and Haraguchi’s FC remains largely unrestored.

Silent for two years, Low Style Heroes announced on their official social media channels earlier this month (Sept. 9,2020) they are officially packing it in and giving up on restoring the legendary 326Power FC driven by OG drifter and entrepreneur Mitsuru Haraguchi.

Check out their official announcement on Instagram below.

We have made the decision to return Haruguchi’s FC3S to its original owner, BN Sports Co., Ltd.. Returning the car to BN will ensure that it is in good hands. The future of this piece of history will now be returned to its most recent owner, BN, who originally acquired the car from Haruguchi.

We deeply apologize for not continuing with the resurrection of this vehicle.

All funds collected through sticker/T-shirt sales have been invested in the purchase/transportation/engine rehab/storage of this vehicle. This will not go to waste as the car is now in the hands of BN.

We feel confident in the decision we have made and hope you respect it as well.

The 326Power FC3S drift build circa early 2000s was a watershed drift car for the Japanese drifting scene. With bespoke BN Sports aero, large authentic wheels, and a stance/fitment befitting of the term we now know as “hot boi”, the 326Power FC embodied “that steeze.” With a competent Haraguchi behind the wheel and all 280 HP from its 13b rotary, the 326Power FC competed in D1 professional drifting all over Japan, setting a high bar for what the complete drift car package could look like. The 326Power FC was authentic a.f.

According to a piece by TokyoNur, highlighting moment “Shirts Tucked IN” and “Low Style Heroes” discovered this JDM legend in real life, this FC was collecting cobwebs and literally rusting away in a field for at least four years. When Nur asked Haraguchi the last time he drove this FC, he replied, “It was late 2013 that I handed it over to BN Sports.”

Hauled off to some shop in 2018 and an announcement made that efforts were underway to restore this car to its original glory, everyone was more than happy to buy merch, stickers, decals, and donate to a Go Fund Me to get this project off the ground.

At one point, they were able to get the 13B sputtering to life.

Updates and efforts to restore this car stopped around January 2018, their Instagram falling silent. You’ll notice a familiar face in this post below. It’s Fred Lump Lump! A.K.A. Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez A.K.A. that guy the got “kidnapped,” vowed to set the record straight, but disappeared again, shortly after.

So, what now?

What’s not clear is why BN Sports abandoned the car in a field next to a racetrack in the first place? If they didn’t have plans for it in 2013, I don’t think they’ll honestly have future plans for it today.

Sadly, I think this FC will return to a field from whence it came.

Also, if you know or have a screenshot of the Go Fund Me, specifically, how much was raised, let me know in the comments!


  1. There was never a GoFundMe towards the restoration of that car you i***t.
    At least write what you know instead of writing incorrect information.


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