Crazy thing is if this was an unmodified version, it would’ve sold for much more.

A near milestone in JDM Auction history was achieved earlier last week (Sept. 16,2020) when the virtual auction hammer slammed down on a 2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR M Spec Nur S NISMO (yah, it’s a mouthful.) The final bid? A staggering 30,000,050 Yen or around $287,000.

According to GTR Registry, the authority on auction records for R34 GTRs, this makes this sale the second highest auction for a GT-R yet. The record belongs to a V-Spec II NUR that sold for 32,000,000 yen or around $306,000.

Check out a gallery of photos of the winning car below including a snippet of the bids as they rolled in. As this was a global auction, the bids were coming in fast and furious.

What makes the M-Spec Nur so special is it’s the last run of R34 GT-R’s commissioned by Nissan. 718 were V-Spec II NURs and 285 were M-Spec Nurs.

M-Spec NUR’s were based off M-Specs which were subsequently based on V Spec II GT-Rs. The further you go, the more refined and powerful the R34 GT-R became.

Including everything on the V Spec II and regular M Spec, M Spec NURs added special Ripple Control Dampers that smoothed out the ride and made the R34 more sensitive to road imperfections, arevised suspension, stiffer rear sway bars, and a leather interior.

The real party piece was under the hood, the Nur engine meant racing ready. According to, a Nur engine includes,

  • Fully Balanced Assembly
  • N1 Engine Block
  • N1 Pistons
  • N1 Oil Pump
  • N1 Water Pump
  • N1 Exhaust Manifold
  • N1 turbochargers – more durable metal blades and a larger size with slightly more boost.

Nur engines mean you could confidently bring your GT-R up to its max potential and keep it there for much longer than normal.

Although Nissan advertised the Nur engines with 280 HP, it’s commonly known they could hit 330 HP without breaking a sweat.

What makes this auction even MORE noteworthy is this one was modded, graded 4.5 (very slightly used) out of 6, and had over 20,000 KMs on the clock. Without the extra mods, less mileage, and kept as original as possible, this would’ve been an R-34 auction record for sure.

These special editions will only auction for higher prices as they become more rare and desirable.

As an aside, if you wanted to buy one without the auction headache, there’s one in Australia for sale for 600,000 AUD or around $437,000.


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