Each car parked represents about $1,000 of straight revenue for these Ocean City towing companies.

With the Ocean City police department’s blessing, these city-approved towing companies are racking in tens of thousands of dollars in a single afternoon and this is proof.

H2OI 2020 attendee Michael Velaquez shared a quick video earlier today (Sept. 25,2020) showing what one of the handful of temporary impound lots scattered around Ocean City looks like. Owned by Advanced Marina, a local boat dealer on 65th St., we can see dozens of impounded H2OI cars sitting, waiting for their owners to pick them up after they’ve been approved for towing by Ocean City police.

Check out the video for yourself below.

If you didn’t already know, Ocean City unleashed its one-two punch, combining heinous fines from its Special Event Zone Bill that with its updated Towing Ordinance that allows towing companies the ability to charge up to $1,000.

In a show of force that kicked off earlier this week, police, in conjunction with approved towing companies, have been going hard, pulling over cars they deem are dangerous to drive in their city in the name of public safety. If they see your car displaying extreme camber, having mismatched and worn tires, suspension modifications that have you scraping over leaves, or, you pull off some sort of exhibition of speed in front of them, they’re not only pulling you over, they’re slapping you with the Ocean City $1,000 impound ticket special.

That’s what the lot in the video is filled with, cars that have been pulled over hours ago and are waiting for their owners.

Every day parked is an extra $50 on their bill.

Here’s that lot on Google Maps, only months ago it was filled with tanks of liquid propane or natural gas.

This is only Friday, there are two days left, and there are supposedly several of these temporary impound lots scattered around Ocean City.

One thing’s for certain, these kids are paying for these towing company’s owner’s kid’s college education this weekend.


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