The driver and all four passengers allegedly reeked of weed and booze

Redditor /u/icannotpareasquare’s cousin shared with him the shocking dashcam footage of a driver and his three friends in a 2005 Mercedes C230 merging and cutting him off in the fast lane on the 215 in San Bernardino before crashing and immediately bursting into flames.

After that inflammatory introduction sentence (pun intended) his cousin reports all four occupants made it out of the car alive before escaping on foot.

Check out that dash cam footage for yourself below.

My cousin caught this on his dashcam in San Bernardino, California from r/IdiotsInCars

As you can see from Google Maps driver’s view of the 215 below, this spot on the 215 is exceptionally tricky. I assume that Mercedes driver tried to stay on the 215, off the 259, instead of making the 45 exit.

That maneuver requires an illegal lane change over four lanes of traffic.

It’s a hard enough maneuver sober, that you’re bound to crash into the freeway divider if you’re tipsy.

Like some mad pinball game themed after California freeways, the C230 ricocheted off the K-rail into the freeway ramp wall. That Merc’ must’ve been leaking something because the force of the explosion caused the car to burst into flames.

The dashcam owner stops and offers to help.

He said that there were 4 young 20-year-olds in the car that reeked of alcohol and weed. Once the car came to a stop, they talked to my cousin and then they fled the scene on foot

Interestingly enough, someone in the Reddit comments linked to a fire photographer (someone who shoots professional photos of firefighters in action, then sell to news outlets) who captured San Bernardino boys in beige extinguishing the flames.

As of this writing there are no police or official news reports highlighting this crash, therefore I’m going to assume the driver and his passengers escaped for good.

Also, I looked up that C230K’s plates on the BAR smog website. The last test was on Feb 15, 2018 which means this Merc’s tags are expired (Calif. cars need smog every two years.)

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