She signed off her tweets with “-Hannah” but we feel she’s working in another department now.

Replying to customer comments and questions publicly on Twitter as a multi-million dollar company is a double-edged sword. It’s a simple way to interact with your customers, but get it wrong and the internet will not forget.

“Hannah” from @Toyota found that out the hard way when Joe Cutrufo (who goes by the same name on Twitter) sent a sarcastic Tweet to Toyota earlier yesterday (Sept. 30,2020,) criticizing the Japanese car company for making their full-size truck hoods so tall, tall enough that Tundra drivers can’t properly see children on bikes riding in front of them.

Someone dubbed “Hannah” on Toyota’s social media team responded shortly after, but missed the mark, instead pointing out how funny Joe’s “creative scale” is.

The leading edge of a Tundra taller than your kid’s helmet. We’re giggling! No, really, that’s what she said! Check out her tweet, screenshotted for perpetuity below.

Pictured is a Toyota Tundra reversed into the driveway of someone in Joe’s neighborhood. He snaps a photo as his kids ride in front of the Tundra, illustrating how tall their trucks have become.

Hannah, probably working from home, replying after a lunch-induced dazed state of mind, takes Joe’s tweet as a joke and replies with,

“We’re gigging at this creative scale of your Toyota truck, Joe! Are the kids able to get in and out on their own? – Hannah.”

Here are some noteworthy replies.

Thankfully, someone on Toyota’s social media stepped in and righted the colossal mistake.

Several, myself included, pointed out there’s a possibility Hannah and Kelsey are one in the same. There’s also the possibility everyone responding as @Toyota is the same person. None would be the wiser.

Joe’s photo and observation is still worth talking about seriously. How large full-sized trucks have become has largely gone unchecked. Fueled by “class-leading this” and “most capable truck ever that” thanks to strong customer demand, pedestrian safety has been pushed to the wayside.

With the average pedestrian, for the lack of a better description, dumber and more distracted than ever, it’s unconscionable for truck makers to continue designing trucks and not taking into account their natural habit, suburban neighborhoods and surrounded by walking soft sacks of flesh and blood.

Trucks, their hood lines are getting too da** high!

A quick search reveals “Hannah” has not replied as @Toyota since. There is, however, a new “Paula” that’s replying…


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