This Texas Tech student freaked out, watching more than a dozen cars towed away right before his eyes.

Not researching where to park on game day, trying to cheap out, and trying to be sneaky, parking in a private lot rarely pans out. These Texas Tech game day football fans found that out the hard way when they tried to park in front of a frozen yogurt shop and returned to find all their cars gone.

TikTok user and Texas Tech student Derek Frank filmed the “carnage” from his apartment balcony earlier this weekend (Sept. 26,2020) as Red Raider Wrecker towing did their due diligence, timing and towing any car parked a second over half an hour (the allotted time you’re legally allowed to park in this private parking lot.) His videos have since gone viral with millions of views and thousands of angry comments against these supposed “price gougers.”

Check out the angry videos for yourself below.


If you have a grey infinity at Texas Tech it’s getting towed ? ##CrucialCatch ##BeConvincing ##xyzbca ##foryourpage ##texastech

♬ original sound – Derek Frank

had to repost ? ##CrucialCatch ##BeConvincing ##foryourpage ##xyzbca ##tow ##texastech

♬ original sound – Derek Frank

As mentioned, Sept 26 was game day with Texas Tech hosting Texas University, a big deal and a local rivalry bound to attract college football faithful. Texas allows games with limited seating.

Legally parking on campus during a game goes as high as $250 if you don’t want to walk far or as cheap as $15 if you’re willing to hoof it.

These stores, however, in “The Centre at Overton Park,” across from “The Village at Overton Park,” is right across the stadium. With a handful of spots, it’s for apartment dwellers and customers only.

It doesn’t matter if there are plenty of spaces open, signs state you’ve only got half an hour if you’re a customer. If you don’t have an apartment parking permit, you’re getting towed.

And, it’s a tough pill to swallow, finding your car gone and having to deal with finding a ride to the tow yard, not to mention the heinous tow and impound lot storage fees.

Texas State law says tow companies can only charge a certain amount depending on if it’s a light to heavy duty tow. These cars are most likely light-duty tows with a maximum $255 fee. Then you have the storage and misc. admin fees and, to get your car out after game day, you’re looking at north of $300.

Social media, being the mobilizer to action that it is, sent many angry people to Red Raider Wrecker Towing’s Yelp, Google, and Facebook pages, leaving hundreds of one star reviews based on incorrect information.

These reviews from two Californians were posted earlier yesterday. Ya’ll don’t even live near there, my dudes.

Towing companies are a necessary “evil.” Imagine spending thousands of dollars a month as a business owner, leasing property to sell food, merch, whatever, and having your potential customer parking spots filled with people who don’t even patronize your stores. It’s frustrating and is why towing companies do what they do.

Sure, on this game day, the parking lots were empty anyway, but you can’t be lenient to one set of parkers and lay down the hammer a few days later.

There’s a lot of misplaced anger here, showing how a viral TikTok video can potentially ruin a company’s reputation.

Texas Tech lost in overtime, 63-56.

And if you made it this far, here’s Derek freaking out over a girl’s illegally parked Ford whatever getting towed away. She didn’t park correctly to begin with!


Whoever is missing their car at Texas Tech you know where it’s at ##xyzbca ##foryourpage ##tow ##nooooo ##texastech

♬ original sound – Derek Frank


  1. This “article” is hilarious ? incorrect information my a**, just be honest you’re just a simp for wrecker scum and dishonest thugs, the videos show all the evidence that we need to see stop trying to twist the information scumbag. Hate dishonest lowlifes like you little man, you know damn well this is not an honest run business


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